‘We Are Together’ International Prize

The international ‘We Are Together’ prize is awarded to citizens and organisations for their great contribution to solving important humanitarian problems.

The theme of the Prize in 2021 is ‘Fighting the spread of coronavirus infection (COVID 19)’. The Prize is dedicated to supporting vulnerable populations during the pandemic. Applications are graded by the International Jury of the Prize based on the significance of the contribution at the national or international levels. There are five categories of the ‘We Are Together’ Prize: Personal Contribution of a Citizen, Medicine, Business, Education and Technology, and Person of the Year. Prizes will be awarded at the International Forum of Civil Participation in December 2021.

Organisations can nominate outstanding volunteers or partner organisations for this award. Find more information about nominations here. This is an excellent opportunity for winners to earn international recoginition for their efforts and meet with experts and public figures.

Forum members have three options to participate in the ‘We Are Together’ Prize:

For more information on the prize and the ceremony, please contact wearetogether@dobro.ru.

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