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Global Volunteering Standard Support Workshops

To provide practical support to volunteer involving organisations wishing to understand and adopt the Standard, Forum is offering specially designed Support Workshops.

Registration for support workshops is now closed. We will run the workshops again later in 2023, so watch this space. In the mentime, if you have any questions, please email: globalvolunteeringstandard@forum-ids.org.

The workshops are designed to guide your organisation towards strengthening its impact and to provide you with practical tools and information to support your journey of continuous learning and improvement. 

Completed over a 10-week period the workshop programme consists of:  

  • – four 2-hours workshops  
  • – three 2-week-long self-directed learning periods, when you will be able to practice what you learn 

The workshops are delivered online to enable volunteer involving organisations from across the world to participate.  

As part of these support workshops, volunteer involving organisations are expected to complete the process of Self-Assessment which is self-directed with support and guidance from Forum.

It also gives all participants an opportunity to receive peer support from other learners, exchange ideas and share good practices. 

The schedule of the next set of the Support Workshops will be published soon. Keep an eye on this page and our social media. 


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To support organisations in using the Global Volunteering Standard, Forum created The Global Volunteering Standard Platform.

The Platform is a free online portal dedicated to the volunteering in development sector and based on the Global Volunteering Standard. It contains practical tools, resources and information to support organisations on a journey of continuous learning and improvement.

Forum designed the Platform to help you put the Global Volunteering Standard into practice.

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