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Global Volunteering Standard Support Workshop

Understanding & Adopting the Global Volunteering Standard

WHEN: Wednesday, 24 April, 12noon-2pm (UK time)
WHERE: Zoom (online)

We are thrilled to invite you to the upcoming workshop, which aims to support volunteer-involving organisations in understanding and adopting the Global Volunteering Standard. The workshop is designed to guide your organisation towards strengthening its impact and provide practical tools and information to support your journey of continuous learning and improvement.

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What's included

 The workshop will allow you to:

Join our Global Volunteering Standard Support Workshop

Explore the Platform:

To support organisations in using the Global Volunteering Standard, Forum created The Global Volunteering Standard Platform.

The Platform is a free online portal dedicated to the volunteering in development sector and based on the Global Volunteering Standard. It contains practical tools, resources and information to support organisations on a journey of continuous learning and improvement.

Forum designed the Platform to help you put the Global Volunteering Standard into practice.

This project was funded with UK aid from the UK government and with aid from the Government of Canada.
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