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Changing Perspectives: Incoming Voluntary Services:

Impact Investing: A Tool for New Partnerships for Sustainable Development

Executive Summary, Volunteer Groups’ Sectoral Position Paper to the High-level Political Forum (HLPF) on the theme of “Eradicating poverty and promoting prosperity in a changing world” Volunteer Groups Alliance, 2017:

Volunteer Groups’ Sectoral Position Paper to the High-level Political Forum (HLPF) on the theme of “Eradicating poverty and promoting prosperity in a changing world” Volunteer Groups Alliance, 2017:

IVCO 2017 Framing Paper: Implementation of the SDGs through transformative partnership in volunteering

IVCO 2017 Sub-Theme Paper – Enabling Environment:

IVCO 2017 Sub-Theme Paper – Innovation:

IVCO 2017 Sub-Theme Paper – Measurement:

From Local Lives to Lasting Legacies: Raleigh International’s long-term effect on in-country volunteers

Effective volunteer placements: The importance of good relationships with host-country counterparts

Engaging Returned Volunteers in Active Citizenship: Research, learning and best practice from four countries

Global Partners for Sustainable Development: The Added Value of Singapore International Foundation Volunteers

Forum Discussion Paper 2016: The Interface Between International and National Volunteering and the Implications for IVCOs (in a Universal Global Goals World)

Forum Discussion Paper 2016: AKLHUE-Forum Trends Survey: Understanding the Patterns of Volunteering for Development. An Initial Baseline Survey of International Volunteer Cooperation Organisations

Forum Discussion Paper 2016: Why Measure and for Whose Benefit? Addressing the Challenges of Measuring the Contribution of Volunteering for Development in a Multiple Stakeholder Environment

Volunteer Groups’ Position Paper to the High-Level Political Forum (HLPF) 2016:

Forum Discussion Paper 2015: Documenting the Contribution of Volunteering to the SDGs - The challenges and opportunities of universal SDGs for IVCOs and volunteer groups

Towards a theory of effective cross-cultural capacity development: the experiences of Australian international NGO expatriates in Vietnam:

The Evolution of International Volunteering:

Keynote Speech: JOCV at 50 - Lessons for Volunteering and the SDGs

Returned Volunteer Organization “JOCA” for Japan’s Positive Change:

Bringing it home: Returning Volunteers to a lifetime of service and impact

A Call to Peace: Perspectives of Volunteers on the Peace Corps at 50

Fostering Young Australian Returned Volunteers to be Agents of Change, Innovation and Development:

Safety, Security and Well-being:

Safety and Security:

Failing Forward:

Digital Disruption: Implications for IVCOs

Volunteer youth from indigenous minorities: Engines for inclusive development and enterprise in Laos

Volunteer Service Abroad:

IMPACT 2030:

Working as a Consortia: A Conversation about Collaboration or Competition?

UNITERRA 2015-2020:

New volunteer initiatives generated by the civil society in Germany:

Capturing the ASEAN Spirit Youth Leading the Way:

International Volunteering and Development: Korean Experience of World Friends Korea (WFK)

Volunteer Safety and Security:

Effective Practices for International Volunteering:

Global Research Agenda on Volunteering for Peace and Sustainable Development 2015-2025:

Communicating Impact: The Narrative Project

Program-based Result Management and the Role of Volunteer Coordinators and Country Offices:

The Fundamental Work Competencies Among Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers (JOCVs) and their Roles in Volunteer Activities:

What Motivates Japan’s International Volunteers?: Categorizing Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers (JOCVs)

Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers: Its Genesis and Development from a Comparative Perspective

Volunteer Youth from Indigenous Minorities: Engines for Inclusive Development and Enterprise in Laos

IVCO 2015 Tokyo Declaration Draft:

Global indicators to measure volunteer impact:

Emerging trends of international volunteering: Togo National Volunteering Program

Plenary Presentation: Implications of the SDGs on IVCOs

UNV “State of the World’s Volunteerism Report” Launch:

Forum Discussion Paper 2015: Balancing Donor Priorities and the Civil Society Function - A Challenge for Modern IVCOs

From Volunteers to Active Citizens:

Volunteer Groups’ Position Paper to the High-Level Political Forum (HLPF) 2015:

Valuing Volunteering: The Role of Volunteering in Sustainable Development

“Shining a Light on Disability”: Supporting and Promoting Disability Inclusion in Lesotho

El Voluntariado en un Mundo de Convergencia: Promoviendo la Colaboración Intersectorial para Soluciones de Desarrollo Sostenible


Integrating volunteering in the next decade: A 10 Year Plan of Action 2016 – 2025

UNV-Forum Paper 2014: International Volunteering and Governance (presentation)

From tokenism to youth-driven: Empowering approaches to engage youth in development projects

UNV-Forum Paper 2014: International Volunteering and Governance

Forum Paper 2014: Cross-sector collaboration and volunteering trends in Latin America and the Caribbean (presentation)

From tokenism to youth-driven:

Multi-stakeholder partnerships and innovative practices in volunteerism for adaption to climate change and sustainable agriculture:

Un Aguayo para un parto sin riesgo: Acción conjunta para vigilar la salud de las madres y recién nacidos/as

Forum Discussion Paper 2014: Convergence and International Volunteer Cooperation (presentation)

Documento de Reflexión de Forum 2014:: Convergencia y Organizaciones de Cooperación Voluntaria

Document de Réflexion de Forum – 2014:: Convergence et Organisations de Coopération Colontaire

Forum Discussion Paper 2014: Convergence and International Volunteer Cooperation

Keynote address: Global convergence – opportunities and challenges:

Video address: Helen Clark: Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme, Chair of the United Nations Development Group, UNDP

Post-2015 Volunteering Working Group report on Forum advocacy work: Mainstreaming international volunteering in the Post-2015 Development Agenda

Forum Paper 2014: Cross-sector collaboration and volunteering trends in Latin America and the Caribbean (paper)

Comhlámh’s Volunteer Charter:

Diaspora Volunteering: A Comhlámh Discussion Paper

Contributions of Australian Volunteers International Volunteers in the Middle East:

Factors Influencing the Effectiveness of International Volunteer Assignments: A 10-Year Analysis

Capacity Development Plans: Trialling New Ways of Working Together in the Australian Volunteers for International Development (AVID) Program

Online Volunteering: A Comhlámh Discussion Paper

Key messages on the Role of Volunteerism in shaping and implementing an inclusive and sustainable development agenda for the future 2014:

International Volunteering: An Investment in Development:

UNV in Action: Advocating for volunteerism post-2015:

Forum Discussion Paper 2013: Advocating for People Centered Development in the Post-2015 Agenda

Sommaire, Document de Discussion de Forum 2013: Mesurer et Véhiculer la Valeur du Volontariat International

Forum Discussion Paper 2013: Measuring and Conveying the Added Value of International Volunteering

Executive Summary, Forum Discussion Paper 2013: Measuring and Conveying the Added Value of International Volunteering

Diaspora volunteers and international development: An Autoethnographic Research Project

Forum Discussion Paper 2014 Concept Note: The interface between international and national volunteering

Forum Discussion Paper 2014 planning workshop: The interface between international and national volunteering

Workshops – Research focus: Trends, innovative methodology and tools:

Research Marketplace and World Forum: opportunites for knowledge sharing and networking

Conference Summary and Closing Remarks: Jacques Godfrain, Chair of France Volontaires

Conference Summary and Closing Remarks: Nita Kapoor, Chair of Forum, Director General, FK Norway

Conference Summary and Closing Remarks: Pascal Canfin, Minister Delegate attached to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, with responsibility for Development

Plenary presentation and discussion: For-profit sector contribution to People to People Development

Workshops: Innovative tools and approaches for navigating international volunteering in a post-2015 world: Key features and role of Espaces Volontariats

Diasporas for Development Initiative: harnessing the skills and expertise of Diaspora communities in international development

Plenary presentation and discussion: Post-2015 – evolving global context through a volunteering lens:

Plenary presentation and discussion: Regional emerging policies in development and international volunteering: why invest in volunteering? :

Keynote Address: If post 2015 and the upcoming Sustainable Development Goals are an opportunity for Forum members and VIOs - what to do next?

Plenary presentation and Discussion: Advocating for people-centred development in the post-2015 agenda : Engaging in the process nationally, regionally and globally

Impacts of international volunteering in the hosting societies: Impacts du volontariat international dans les sociétés d’accueil

Forum Position Paper 2013: Forum and the post-2015 development agenda

Models of International Volunteering: Trends, innovation and good practice

Lifelong volunteering: Social engagement after working lives

Employee volunteering: Which employee mobilisation for which impact on development?

Workshops: Volunteering as a life long journey – creating opportunities for continued contributions: For a continued engagement: how to make sure the experience doesn’t stop at the border?

Plenary presentation and Discussion: Youth volunteering: building a movement for the future

Impacts of Volunteers missions in volunteer’s life cycle:

Impacts for Northern societies: reciprocity impact and returning volunteering contribution to their own societies

Impacts for Northern societies: reciprocity impact and returning volunteering contribution to their own societies:

Innovations with Evaluation Methods: Lessons from a Community of Practice in International Development

Capacity Building Contributions of Short-Term International Volunteers:

New Evidence on Overseas Volunteering from Ireland: And it's socio-economic impact in Ireland

Voluntary Service Project: Sector summary report

What Next: A toolkit for returned volunteers

CSD Report 11-19: International Service & Higher Education: Toward a Vision for the Field

CSD Research Brief 12-08: International volunteerism in the United States, 2004-2010

CSD Research Brief 13-14: International volunteering from the United States between 2004 and 2012

Donor Panel and Discussion: The Evolving Donor Context: Funding Trends, Innovations and Models to Support Volunteering for Development

Comhlámh’s Code of Good Practice for Volunteer Sending Agencies:

It’s the Invisible Things: An Evaluation of the Volunteer Program in China 1988 - 2013

Comhlámh’s Survey on International Volunteering from Ireland 2013:

La stratégie du programme : Le volontariat pour la paix et le développement:

UNV Programme Strategy Overview: Volunteerism for Peace and Development

Perspective africaine – Politique européenne: Manifeste sur la politique européenne de développement

Forum Discussion Paper Presentation: MDGs, Sustainable Development Goals and the Post 2015 agenda: opportunities for consolidating the recognition of volunteerism

Forum Discussion Paper 2012: Youth International Volunteering and Development - an Opportunity for Development, International Understanding or Social Inclusion?

The “SPOR” Youth Movement:

Youth Volunteering Making an Impact:

Best Practices to Engage Aboriginal Youth in International Development Work:

Forum Discussion Paper: Youth and Development Impacts

Forum Discussion Paper 2012: Assessing the Impact of International Volunteer Cooperation - Guiding Questions and Canadian Experiences

Multi-Sector Collaboration & Partnership Brokering Essentials: Blending Effective Tools with Case Studies from the Field

Research Presentation and Discussion: The Value of International Volunteering

Approaches to a Robust Outcome on the Ground Through Public-Private Partnership:

Diaspora Volunteers: New Partners in Global Development Policy

Building a National Volunteering Program: The Uganda National Volunteers Link (UNVL)

Partnership Presentation: Seeing the Forest and the Trees: Merging Local and Regional Perspectives in Latin American Model Forests

Keynote Address Panel: Innovative Approaches to Volunteering for Development

Creating Sustainable Impact Through Short-Term Volunteering: An Analysis of Capacity Building Projects in Indonesia, Vietnam and Cambodia - The Experience of Singapore International Foundation (SIF)

Remote Volunteering: Lessons from Bankers Without Borders

Join the Evolution: Be a 21st Century Social Producer to Achieve Community Development Goals

Presentation: Disrupting Development: Using Digital Technology to Shape New Trends in Volunteering for Development

Forum Research 2012: Participatory Research on the Impact of International Volunteerism in Kenya

Executive Summary, Forum Research 2012: Participatory Research on the Impact of International Volunteerism in Kenya

Inspiring Employee Volunteering – China Research Study: Inspiring Corporate Volunteering in China

International Service and the Perceived Impacts on Volunteers:

Forum Discussion Paper 2012: MDGs, Sustainable Development Goals and the Post 2015 agenda: opportunities for consolidating the recognition of volunteerism

…por una cooperación solidaria y sostenible:

…damit Personelle Entwicklungs- zusammenarbeit nachhaltig wirkt:

…pour une coopération solidaire et durable:

…so that Personnel Development Co-operation has a lasting effect: Interviews with co-ordinators in the South

Benefits of the Leave for Change Program:

Forum Discussion Paper 2011: The State of Youth Volunteering in Africa

Forum Discussion Paper 2011: Changing Patterns of State Funding for International Volunteering

Annual Report 2010:

Forum Discussion Paper 2011: Changing patterns of state funding for international volunteering

Forum sharing and learning networks – bringing it back into the Forum: A summary of the initiatives of the sharing and learning networks

Forum Discussion Paper 2011 (draft): Capacity Development

Forum Discussion Paper: The state of youth volunteering in Africa: stepping back so that young people can step forward

Youth Volunteering in Africa: The Case of the AU Youth Volunteers Corps

Youth Volunteering in Africa: The Case of the Kenya National Youth Volunteer Scheme (NYVS) and International Citizens Service (ICS)

Youth Volunteering in Africa: North-South, South-North, South-South Volunteering

Sustainable Volunteering Initiatives and Use of Most Significant Change Stories in Evaluating Volunteer Efforts:

Valuing volunteering in the development mainstream: Personal testimony of Achieving Significant Change

A Life of Service – and fulfilling my Purpose: Personal testimony of Achieving Significant Change

Corporates working in partnership with international volunteering agencies:

Corporates working in partnership with international volunteering agencies (2):

International Year of the Volunteer (IYV) +10: Marking the 10th anniversary of the International Year of Volunteers (IYV+10)

South to South volunteering: The case of VSO Jitolee

Forum Discussion Presentation 1: Valuing Volunteering in Africa

Asians working as international volunteers in Africa: The experience of KOICA

Working in synergy – the case of CFK: International and national volunteering working together for development

Diaspora volunteering: Providing dynamic opportunities through partnerships

International Service Perspectives from Weltwärts and ICYE Volunteers – Draft:

Civil Society Volunteering Patterns in Africa: An analysis of the CIVICUS Civil Society Index 2008-2011 findings on volunteerism

Apostamos por una cooperación emancipadora, que refuerce la sociedad civil Brasilera:

Unsere emanzipatorische Zusammenarbeit hat das Ziel, die brasilianische Zivilgesellschaft zu stärken:

Nous parions sur une coopération émancipatrice qui renforce la société civile brésilienne:

Partizipative Methoden und interkulturelle Herausforderungen:

Méthodes participatives et enjeux interculturels:

Participative methods and intercultural challenges: When deep commitment leads to deep conflict – or why cultural fluency is essential in international cooperation

Intercultural communication in Development Co-operation: the partners’ voice in the South:

Interkulturelle Kommunikation in der internationalen Zusammenarbeit: die Partner vor Ort kommen zu Wort:

Intercultural communication in Development Co-operation: the partners’ voice in the South:

Planificación y Monitoreo en la Gestión basada en Resultados de Proyectos y Programas:

Basic guide for information work:

Uniterra Volunteer Cooperation Program 2010-2011: Annual narrative report and summary

State of the World’s Volunteerism Report: Universal Values for Global Well-being

Uniterra Result-Based Management System: Explanations for the planning, monitoring – evaluation, and reporting tools

A Mapping Exercise into International Volunteer Co-operative Agencies 2009:

L’efficacité et l’évaluation d’impact dans la coopération par l’échange de personnes:

Effectiveness and its evaluation in personnel development co-operation:

Annual Report 2008:

Annual Report 2007:

Annual Report 2006:

Annual Report 2005:

Where Would the World be Without Volunteering?: The impact of volunteering in international development

2009 Forum AGM Minutes:

Agenda 2010 Forum AGM:

The Economics of Climate Change in Southeast Asia:

Forum Discussion Paper: Climate Change and the Development Agenda

Speech by Ms Euleen Goh, Chairman of SIF at the IVCO 2010 Conference Networking Dinner:

Climate Change Discussion:

Climate Change and Gender: Paving the road to equality

Climate Change and Livelihood / Gender:

International Year of Volunteers + 10:

IVCO 2010 Administrative Note:

Plenary Session C: Youth Programmes in Development

Peer Support for Volunteer-Sending Agencies: Sharing good practices

Youth Development: The Ocean in a Drop - A Perspective on Youth Development: Creating Ownership of Common Spaces

Keynote Address: Rising Asia and Implications for the Development Agenda

Forum Research 2010: Emerging Perspectives on International Volunteerism in Asia

Welcome Address:

Plenary Session A: Changing Asia through International Volunteerism – Innovations and Challenges

Plenary Session A: Changing Asia through International Volunteerism – Innovations and Challenges

Plenary Session B: Sustainable Development in Asia – the Host Perspective

Plenary Session B: Sustainable Development in Asia – the Host Perspective

Plenary Session B: Sustainable Development in Asia – the Host Perspective

Keynote Address: Mainstreaming Volunteer Activities into Development Programmes

Forum Discussion Paper 2010: Climate Change

Assessment of Results: FK in Nepal, Norway and Ethiopia Final Report Summary

UNDP Inclusive Growth Bulletin:

Sign up for IVCO 2010 now!:

The Coming Home Book: For returned overseas volunteers, development workers, humanitarian workers and missionaries

Im Einsatz für Frieden und Menschenrechte:

Rethinking Tokelau Education: Tokelau and the role of New Zealand volunteers

International volunteers’ perceptions of intercultural competence:

IVCO 2009 Report Published:

Nuestro programa es mucho más que la suma de cada uno de los voluntarios:

Unser Programm ist viel mehr als die Summe der Freiwilligeneinsätze:

Chaque volontaire fait partie d’un tout cohérent et l’ensemble est beaucoup plus que la somme des parties:

Lighting a Fire: VSA’s role in promoting education leadership in the Solomon Islands

Global Poverty Project Presentation – Coming Soon!:

Mainstreaming Conflict Resolving Approaches:

Global perspective – Coming Soon!:

Gender Mainstreaming: How do current trends indevelopment and volunteering intersect with gender?

Interface of international volunteering and national youth programmes: Perspective from a local organisation

EURO 2005 Conference Report:

VSO – Corporate Partnerships:

VSO – Best Practice in Volunteering:

UNV – Research Policy Regulatory Framework:

Returned Volunteer – Ronan Moore:

Returned Volunteer – Orla McCarthy:

Returned Volunteer – Emer Kerrigan:

Returned Volunteer – Aiden Leavy:

Irish Aid – Volunteering Issues:

Forum & SKILLSHARE – Platform 2: The new UK Programme for Young Volunteers (A brief introduction):

Forum – Funding Survey:

FK Norway – Engaged for Life:

EED – German update: Challenge of governmental funding:

Comhlamh – Volunteering Options:

Comhlamh – Research Codes of Good Practice:

AFVP – The Experience of AFVP: Context and Preventive Practices:

IYV + 10 IVCO:

Forum Discussion Paper 2009: Volunteers: Catalysts for Social Engagement

Impact of International Volunteering: Center for Social Development

Human Rights and Peace Work:

A New Challenge for AFVP: Adapt quantitative and qualitative capacity of the French organisations of sending to the increasing enthusiasm of the French people for international volunteering

A Coordinated Approach To Volunteering And Social Change:

Gender and Volunteerism Research Presentation: UN Comissioned Study

Returned Volunteers in Japan:

Outplaying Differences:

Returned Volunteers Mentoring National Volunteers:

VPPR – Volunteer Periodic Progress Reports:

Skillshare International – Improving what we do:

GLEN – Promoting international volunteering in NMS of EU:

Forum – V – Methodology:

FOCSIV – Review of International Volunteering in Italy:

EVS – 2005 statistics per country:

EVS – Youth in Action 2007 – 2013, European Union programme:

EVS – Fact sheet:

Comhlamh – Code of Practice for Sending Organisations:

Worldwide and for people of all ages:

EURO 2007 Report:

Euro 2005 Report:

EURO 2008 Conference Report:

International Volunteer Co-operation Organisations (IVCO) – 2005:

International Volunteer Co-operation Organisations (IVCO) – 2004:

International Volunteer Co-operation Organisations (IVCO) – 2003:

International Volunteer Co-operation Organisations (IVCO)- 2001:

Confronting Crises: Learning From Labour Markets in the Past, by Eduardo Zepeda:

Changes in Earnings in Brazil, Chile, and Mexico: Disentangling the Forces behind Pro-Poor Changes in Labour Markets, by Eduardo Zepeda:

Volunteer Services Abroad – VISTA, October 2008:

Invito 18 marzo: Il Salar dello Uyuni Diario di un viaggio in Bolivia #10:

People in Aid Australia e-Bulletin, May 2009:

EU Logos, NEA Say:

International Volunteer Co-operation Organisations (IVCO) – 2002:

Promoting Public Awareness through Voluntary Service:

Perceived Effects of International Volunteering: Reports from Alumni:


European Voluntary Humanitarian Aid Corps study, terms of reference:

Initiative of Korea for Volunteering: World Friends Korea - More Volunteers, Better Volunteering

Director’s Presentations: Strategic issues arising from international youth programmes

Annual Report 2009:

Into the Future: IVCO Paper on Options

Cambodia: International Volunteer Cooperating Organizations Remarks for the Honorable Ron Tschetter

Partnering with community volunteers to ensure sustainable development: A case presentation of Matabeleland AIDS Council, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

The Conservation of Tropical Mountain Cloud Forests:

Cambodian NGOs’ Perceptions of International Volunteer Agencies:

Comhlámh Abstract: The Impact of International Volunteering on Host Organisations in India and Tanzania

Global Poverty Project Cambodia:

Global Poverty Project: Catalysing the movement to end extreme poverty

Effects of International Volunteering and Service: Individual and Institutional Predictors:

The Overseas Experience: A Passport to Improved Volunteerism

La valeur ajoutée des affectations de longue durée dans la coopération par l’échange de personnes:

Civil Society Aid Effectiveness: Uniterra case study

Indigenous Australian participation in international volunteering: Report on exploratory research

Measuring Volunteerism in civic engagement:

Innovations in international youth volunteering: An analysis of 22 innovative youth volunteer programs from around the world

Forum Discussion Paper 2008: How do current trends in development and volunteering intersect with gender?

Fachkräfte in der personellen Entwicklungs – zusammenarbeit: Freiwillige in internationalen Freiwilligendiensten

The Estimated Economic Value of a US Volunteer Abroad:

Climb High, Sleep Low: The Unique Learning Environments of International Volunteer Placements

7 examples of active North-South-North Partnership:

7 examples of active North-South-North partnership:

Volunteering for Impact – Best Practices in International Corporate Volunteering: Best Practices in International Corporate Volunteering

Document de discussion 2007:

Forum Discussion Paper 2007: Voluntary Service and Public Engagement: What’s Happening? What’s New?

Document de discussion 2007:

Forum Discussion Paper 2007: New Developments in Programme Models

Forum Discussion Paper 2007: Climate Change

Civil society and aid effectiveness concept paper:

Future Trends: Opportunities and challenges for international volunteer co-operation

Using Stories to Tell Our Story: Measuring the Impact of Cultural Exchange

Evaluation on Process of Volunteers’ Activity:

Ireland’s Volunteering Support: Moblising People for Development

Background paper for panel on civil society and effective aid:

Future Trends 2007: Opportunities and challenges for international volunteer co-operation:

Learning Opportunities of International Volunteers: AVI and University of Sydney Research Study

ICP Regional Report: An Exploration of Movements Toward National Youth Service Policy in 15 Countries in Eastern Europe and the Balkans

The Right Person for the Job: International Volunteering and the Australian Employment Market

Gender Quiz: Say no to violence against women

Trends in International Cooperation and Volunteering: 2006 and the last five years

Cooperation in Africa: HIV/AIDS Control

Forum’s 2006-2009 Plan:

World Volunteer Web: Keeping a tab on the V nerve

Volunteer Infrastructure:

Private Sector Engagement: Partnership for Development

Online Volunteering:

Leave for change: Short-Term International Volunteer Assignments

Cooperation between AVI and Skillshare International:

Peace Corps:

Youth: Working together to make a difference

Public Engagement: Experience with Canadian community economic development networks

Coaching for Hope:

New ideas, new approaches on volunteering:

German Government’s New Volunteer Program:

The model of Canada World Youth: Le modèle de Jeunesse Canada Monde

The Converging World: How Convergence, Creativity and Systems Thinking have created an innovative process which holds the potential to address the great challenges we are facing

The Converging World: Climate Change from a Perspective of the Process of Sustainable Living

The Effectiveness Agenda: AusAID’s emerging response: AusAID’s emerging response

Opportunities and challenges for international volunteer cooperation:

Health and Safety Protocols for International Volunteer and Educational Programs:

VSO’s Diaspora volunteering initiative:

AddVenture: Mobilising ambassadors for public engagement

Assessing Volunteers Contribution to Development:

UNV’s Online Volunteering service for you:

Keynote speeches:

Survey on Returning Volunteers:

El Foro Social Mundial 2006 y la hora de definir prioridades y ejes comunes:

Un forum polycentrique pour un mouvement social convergent:

Keynote Speeches:

Public Engagement: Public engagement in Norway

FK Norway – Private Sector: Private sector programme development 2001-2006

Case Study: Rethinking International Volunteering and Co-operation

Keynote Speeches:

IVCO Survey, 2006:

Trends in International Co-operation and Volunteering, 2001 – 2006:

The Forms and Structure of International Voluntary Service:

Review Concerning the Establishment of a European Voluntary Humanitarian Aid Corps study:

European Civil Peace Corps feasibility study:

Global Citizens for Change: A case study of Canadian VCAs collaborating to engage the public

Hungarian Law on Volunteering:

Trends, Added Value and Social Capital, 2004:

The Role of Volunteers in International Development: VSO Position Paper

Volunteerism and Capacity Development:

Below the Waterline of Public Visibility: Guide on Roundtable on Volunteerism and Social Development

A propos du dixième anniversaire de l’Année Internationale des Volontaires::

Réunion à Manille des Volontaires de la zone Asie-Pacifique:

Les “Peace Corps” (Corps de la Paix) célèbrent leurs 50 ans: