Vision, Mission & Charter

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A movement of global citizens working for a world where no one is left behind.


Forum is a global network of organisations involved in international volunteering. Forum promotes the value of volunteering for development through policy engagement, mutual learning and by sharing innovative and good practices.


The Forum Charter outlines the principles, values and ethical behaviour underpinning international volunteering for sustainable development. All members joining the network agree to, and sign, the Forum Charter. By so-doing, members affirm their commitment to a set of principles, values and ethical behaviour underpinning international volunteering cooperation. The Charter is embedded in Forum’s identity and contextualised in Forum’s Strategic Plans. The 2016-2020 Strategic Plan aims to promote a diverse, effective and influential global community of volunteer organisations and initiatives in support of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Forum Charter recognises that:

  • International volunteering is a uniquely innovative and effective avenue for the creation of constructive relationships between nations, communities, individuals and across cultures.
  • International volunteering, when based on respectful, open human to human relationships and mutual exchange (the sharing of oneself, reciprocal learning, and exchange of skills, ideas and the ability to be humble) can be a catalyst for practical achievement in tackling shared development challenges. Thus, contributing in practical ways to the creation of a fairer, more caring and socially just world.
  • The opportunity to engage in international volunteering and cooperative work is a privilege. The openness and hospitality of host communities should always be acknowledged and valued as it is a core foundation for such exchange to occur.

Please refer to Forum’s Charter for more a detailed description of Forum’s values.

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