The Global Volunteering Standard Platform

The Global Volunteering Standard Platform

The Global Volunteering Standard Platform is the first global online-based one-stop shop for good practice in volunteering for development. Forum designed the Platform to bring the Global Standard in Volunteering principles to life and put them into practice.  

Developed by the volunteering sector, for the volunteering sector, the Platform is the ultimate resource providing those who work with volunteers with practical tools to assess, monitor and improve programmes and practice, while giving access to the most extensive global library of volunteer resources.  

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The Global Volunteering Standard Platform consists of the following 3 elements: 

The Global Volunteering Standard document

The  Global Volunteering Standard is the first step on a journey of learning and improvement for organisations that work with volunteers. We hope you will download and read it, talk about its recommendations with your colleagues and think about how it relates to your organisation.   

A Self-Assessment Tool

Forum has created an online organisational Self-Assessment Tool that you can complete for your organisation. Upon completing it, you will receive a customised report with links to resources that can support you to improve how your organisation works with volunteers. 

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A Learning Library of Good Practice

Access the most extensive global collection of international good practice resources developed for and by organisations that work with volunteers. You can access, browse and save these resources, even if you choose not to do a self-assessment.

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