IVCO 2022 speakers (2)

IVCO 2022: Spotlight Series – See You in Senegal!

With our last, closing part of the Spotlight Series ahead of IVCO 2022 we are delighted to introduce you to you the next group of speakers from around the world, whom you can meet in just a couple of days in Senegal:

  • Musa Naroro, The Australian Volunteer Program
  • Moses Okech, Makerere University, Uganda
  • Yasmin Rajah, Refugee Social Services
  • Georges Armand Deguenonvo, Senegal Ministry of Youth
  • Prosper Burnson, Green Carbon Ghana
  • Lily Bright Tetteh, Coalition of Volunteering Organisations, Ghana
  • Stéphanie Simard, Éducation Internationale

We hope to see you at IVCO 2022!

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Musa Naroro, The Australian Volunteer Program

Musa Naroro

Musa has worked in the development sector for over 19 years, managing international volunteer programs across Eastern and Southern Africa. He engineered the growth of AVI’s program in Tanzania, Ethiopia, Malawi and Zambia by working closely with key stakeholders, including the Australian government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, local government ministries and NGOs. In his current role, Musa has helped AVP develop long-lasting partnerships with government agencies, institutions, NGOs and CBOs.

Prior to joining the development sector, Musa worked for five years in wildlife conservation from 1999 to 2003.


Moses Okech, Makerere University, Uganda

Moses Okech

Dr. Moses Okech is an international development professional with over 15 years’ of experience in research, lecturing and livelihoods programming. He recently completed a Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship with Northumbria University (UK) in partnership with Uganda Martyrs University (Uganda) on the collaborative Refugee Youth Volunteering Uganda (RYVU) research project and previously served as the technical coordinator for economic recovery and development at the International Rescue Committee (IRC) in Uganda.

He has conducted a number of development consultancies for reputable organisations that include The World Bank, Overseas Development Institute, GIZ, CRS and Bank of Uganda, among others. His professional background includes working on financial inclusion with Equity Bank, CARE International and lecturing at Leeds Beckett University in the UK. Moses holds a PhD in the political economy of development from Leeds Beckett University (UK), a master’s in international development management from the University of Bradford (UK), a postgraduate diploma in project planning and management from Uganda Management Institute and a BA Hons. (social sciences) from Makerere University. Dr. Moses Okech is also an Associate Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy, currently lecturing at Makerere University in Uganda.


Yasmin Rajah, Refugee Social Services (RSS)

Jasmin Rajah

Yasmin is the founding director of Refugee Social Services (RSS) and has worked within the forced migration sector with refugees, asylum-seekers and migrants since 2003. Her current work entails the development and implementation of strategic and relevant programs for refugees/asylum-seekers and migrants living in South Africa. RSS works toward promoting inclusivity and better protection for forced migrants through advocacy. She is particularly concerned about the obstacles to becoming documented in South Africa and the impact this has had, especially on children.

Yasmin Rajah will speak at  SESSION A – VOLUNTEERING BY AND FOR MIGRANTS, REFUGEES, AND ASYLUM SEEKERS on Tuesday, 18 October, 4-5PM

Georges Armand Deguenonvo, Senegal Ministry of Youth

Georges Armand Deguenonvo

Georges Armand Deguenonvo is an inspector of education, youth and sports since 2009, a trainer of volunteers in citizenship education, in charge of volunteering issues at the Ministry of Youth since 2020.

He started his career as a trainer of national civic service volunteers in 2010. He is a volunteer trainer in civics, citizenship and activities of public utility or national interest and an expert trainer in citizenship education for young people since 2013, as well as in agricultural integration in the maize sector (2015), in particular, training in maize ginning from 2017 in Kounkané (Vélingara). In 2017, he was appointed regional youth inspector of Kolda, then in 2019 of the region of Ziguinchor, implementing and monitoring at the decentralized level of activities and bodies of national and international volunteers.

George is the designer and initiator of several volunteer programs in agriculture, fishing, socio-educational activities, citizen emergence and post-harvest activities in maize, and monitors youth exchange and reciprocity programs and corporate volunteering in the WAEMU. A lawyer by training, he holds a master’s degree in private law with a business option (1999) from the University of Dakar, which was supplemented by a diploma of advanced specialised studies with a business law option (2002) from the University of Saint Louis and a diploma of advanced studies in African integration law (2004) from the Faculty of Law in Dakar.

Georges Armand Deguenonvo will speak at  THE ROLE OF VOLUNTEERING STANDARDS IN ACHIEVING THE SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS on Monday, 17 October, 3:15-4:30PM

Prosper Burnson, Green Carbon Ghana

Prosper Burnson

Prosper Burnson works as a sustainability advisor, with a focus on climate change and ESG management. Co-founder and president of Green Carbon Ghana, and a board member and the chair of the Committee on Environment (COE) at the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), Ghana Network, Mr Burnson is also a geologist and tribal chief in Ghana.

He contributed toward the provision of much-needed support to Ghana’s Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) and held policymakers accountable to Ghana’s Climate Change Policy and the Paris Agreement. He understands how volunteerism can catalyse climate action and accelerate and step up the mission and objectives of the Paris Agreement.

His current work involves climate finance and climate-related financial disclosure (CFD); carbon markets and emission trading; climate prosperity plan (CPP) and grassroots climate action and governance; integrated disaster risk reduction (DRR) and climate change adaptation (CCA).

Prosper Burnson will speak at SESSION B – CLIMATE CHANGE & ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY on Tuesday, 18 October, 9:30-10:30AM

Lily Bright Tetteh, Coalition of Volunteering Organisations, Ghana

Lily Bright Tetteh

Lily Bright Tetteh is a principal of a school in Ghana, and the co-founder of Destiny Fulfillers’ Time (DFT), an NGO focused on the empowerment of young women and girls through skills training, mentorship and coaching. DFT is also into the Charity Outreach Program (COP) through which it annually visits the less-privileged, especially orphans, makes donation to them and renders needed services to the orphanage. Lily is also the president of the Coalition Of Volunteering Organizations Ghana, (COVOG) which is an umbrella of NGOs, CBOs and CSOs in Ghana that seeks to support all its members through advocacy, publicity and capacity-building, etc. with the objective of national development through volunteering.

She is also in the Leading Ladies Network, an organisation that seeks to empower ladies solely for leadership and governance. In this network, she has been a facilitator and organising team member in educating over 2,000 girls in the northern part of Accra, Ghana.

Lily Bright Tetteh will speak at SESSION B – CLIMATE CHANGE & ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY on Tuesday 18 October, 9:30 -10:30AM

Stéphanie Simard, Éducation Internationale

Stephanie Simard

Stéphanie Simard is an international development project officer at Éducation Internationale since 2019 and, as such, has been the project officer responsible for the vocational training component for the Compétence-Leadership-Éducation (CLÉ) volunteer cooperation program since its beginning in 2020. Starting her career in 2004 as an international volunteer in Mali, she then worked in different countries of West and Central Africa in the food security and rural and agricultural development sectors for NGOs and the United Nations. In 2017, she joined Plan International France in Paris, where she held the position of program manager for West Africa. It was in this position that she developed an interest in education and training, including for women’ and girls’ right to education and training.

Stéphanie Simard will speak at INEQUALITIES IN VOLUNTARY COOPERATION on Tuesday, 18 October, 11AM-12NOON

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