Citizens’ Agora on climate change

The parliament of Brussels is inviting citizens to participate in the Citizens’ Agora on climate change which will take place on 12 an 13 June 2008 in the European Parliament in Brussels.

Following the results of the recent World Climate Conference (Bali 2007), and pending the next global summits on the topic (Poznán in late 2008 and Copenhagen in late 2009), the European Union intends to use the whole of this year to look closely at all its policies in this field: energy, transport, agriculture, trade, the environments, development, social policy, research, eructation industry, etc.

The European Parliament is inviting European civil society to express its views freely and frankly on this crucial matter and to put forward its analyses and proposals, while also defining its own role in what is to be done.

All the relevant information is available on the following websites:
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