Forum Research Protocols

Forum’s approach to research as follows:

Extract from Forum Strategic Plan 2010-12

“Building a credible body of Knowledge through Research”

At the present time:

  • A discussion paper series established to create meaningful discussion and insight into a particular area or issue relevant to the next annual conference.
  • Creating research that will be meaningful in informing the thinking and practice of international volunteer cooperative organisations and informing the wider discourse on volunteering.
  • Supporting members’ involvement in research activities, e.g. UNV research projects.
  • Coordinating activities through the Forum Research Working Group.
  • A small research fund.

Our approach for research is as follows:

  • Defining a set of research protocols to which all research aligns to ensure the standard of research is high.
  • Leading and collaborating on key areas of research related to international volunteering and co-operation.
  • Research partnerships.
  • Building up our own research fund.
  • Facilitating member involvement in research projects.
  • Recognising and incorporating partner organisations’ perspectives into research activities.”

This paper attempts to address the issues of protocols and related issues of how we work.


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