Research: 2016

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Chinese Volunteering in Africa: Drivers, Issues and Future Prospects

Findings of the 2016 weltwärts Programme Volunteer Survey:

Volunteering as Essential in Achieving Sustainable Development: UNV Responding to the 2030 Agenda

Annual Volunteer Survey Results Global Tabular Report:

Statistical Report of Crimes against Volunteers 2016:

Volunteer Disappointment and Outcome of Activities: Regional Perspective of Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers (JOCV):

Effective volunteer placements: The importance of good relationships with host-country counterparts

Volunteer Groups’ Position Paper to the High-Level Political Forum (HLPF) 2016:

Engaging Returned Volunteers in Active Citizenship: Research, learning and best practice from four countries

Global Partners for Sustainable Development: The Added Value of Singapore International Foundation Volunteers

Forum Discussion Paper 2016: The Interface Between International and National Volunteering and the Implications for IVCOs (in a Universal Global Goals World)

Forum Discussion Paper 2016: Why Measure and for Whose Benefit? Addressing the Challenges of Measuring the Contribution of Volunteering for Development in a Multiple Stakeholder Environment

Forum Discussion Paper 2016: AKLHUE-Forum Trends Survey: Understanding the Patterns of Volunteering for Development. An Initial Baseline Survey of International Volunteer Cooperation Organisations