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Findings of the Pilot Study on the weltwärts Programme Volunteer Survey:

Promising Practices from Sub‐Saharan Africa:

Forum Position Paper 2013: Forum and the post-2015 development agenda

Comhlámh’s Survey on International Volunteering from Ireland 2013:

Diaspora volunteers and international development: An Autoethnographic Research Project

Forum Discussion Paper 2014 Concept Note: The interface between international and national volunteering

Forum Discussion Paper 2014 planning workshop: The interface between international and national volunteering

Workshops – Research focus: Trends, innovative methodology and tools:

Research Marketplace and World Forum: opportunites for knowledge sharing and networking

Conference Summary and Closing Remarks: Jacques Godfrain, Chair of France Volontaires

Conference Summary and Closing Remarks: Nita Kapoor, Chair of Forum, Director General, FK Norway

Conference Summary and Closing Remarks: Pascal Canfin, Minister Delegate attached to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, with responsibility for Development

Models of International Volunteering: Trends, innovation and good practice

Lifelong volunteering: Social engagement after working lives

Impacts for Northern societies: reciprocity impact and returning volunteering contribution to their own societies:

Innovations with Evaluation Methods: Lessons from a Community of Practice in International Development

Capacity Building Contributions of Short-Term International Volunteers:

New Evidence on Overseas Volunteering from Ireland: And it's socio-economic impact in Ireland

Voluntary Service Project: Sector summary report

What Next: A toolkit for returned volunteers

CSD Report 11-19: International Service & Higher Education: Toward a Vision for the Field

CSD Research Brief 12-08: International volunteerism in the United States, 2004-2010

CSD Research Brief 13-14: International volunteering from the United States between 2004 and 2012

Comhlámh’s Code of Good Practice for Volunteer Sending Agencies:

It’s the Invisible Things: An Evaluation of the Volunteer Program in China 1988 - 2013

UNV Programme Strategy Overview: Volunteerism for Peace and Development

La stratégie du programme : Le volontariat pour la paix et le développement:

Perspective africaine – Politique européenne: Manifeste sur la politique européenne de développement

Plenary presentation and discussion: Post-2015 – evolving global context through a volunteering lens:

Plenary presentation and Discussion: Youth volunteering: building a movement for the future

Plenary presentation and discussion: Regional emerging policies in development and international volunteering: why invest in volunteering? :

Workshops: Volunteering as a life long journey – creating opportunities for continued contributions: For a continued engagement: how to make sure the experience doesn’t stop at the border?

Employee volunteering: Which employee mobilisation for which impact on development?

Forum Discussion Paper 2013: Measuring and Conveying the Added Value of International Volunteering

Sommaire, Document de Discussion de Forum 2013: Mesurer et Véhiculer la Valeur du Volontariat International

Plenary presentation and discussion: For-profit sector contribution to People to People Development

Keynote Address: If post 2015 and the upcoming Sustainable Development Goals are an opportunity for Forum members and VIOs - what to do next?

Executive Summary, Forum Discussion Paper 2013: Measuring and Conveying the Added Value of International Volunteering

Plenary presentation and Discussion: Advocating for people-centred development in the post-2015 agenda : Engaging in the process nationally, regionally and globally

Donor Panel and Discussion: The Evolving Donor Context: Funding Trends, Innovations and Models to Support Volunteering for Development

Forum Discussion Paper 2013: Advocating for People Centered Development in the Post-2015 Agenda

Workshops: Innovative tools and approaches for navigating international volunteering in a post-2015 world: Key features and role of Espaces Volontariats

Diasporas for Development Initiative: harnessing the skills and expertise of Diaspora communities in international development

Impacts of international volunteering in the hosting societies: Impacts du volontariat international dans les sociétés d’accueil

Impacts for Northern societies: reciprocity impact and returning volunteering contribution to their own societies

Impacts of Volunteers missions in volunteer’s life cycle: