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Global Poverty Project Presentation – Coming Soon!:

Mainstreaming Conflict Resolving Approaches:

Global perspective – Coming Soon!:

Gender Mainstreaming: How do current trends indevelopment and volunteering intersect with gender?

Interface of international volunteering and national youth programmes: Perspective from a local organisation

EURO 2005 Conference Report:

VSO – Corporate Partnerships:

VSO – Best Practice in Volunteering:

UNV – Research Policy Regulatory Framework:

Returned Volunteer – Ronan Moore:

Returned Volunteer – Orla McCarthy:

Returned Volunteer – Emer Kerrigan:

Returned Volunteer – Aiden Leavy:

Irish Aid – Volunteering Issues:

Forum & SKILLSHARE – Platform 2: The new UK Programme for Young Volunteers (A brief introduction):

Forum – Funding Survey:

FK Norway – Engaged for Life:

EED – German update: Challenge of governmental funding:

Comhlamh – Volunteering Options:

Comhlamh – Research Codes of Good Practice:

AFVP – The Experience of AFVP: Context and Preventive Practices:

IYV + 10 IVCO:

Impact of International Volunteering: Center for Social Development

Human Rights and Peace Work:

A New Challenge for AFVP: Adapt quantitative and qualitative capacity of the French organisations of sending to the increasing enthusiasm of the French people for international volunteering

A Coordinated Approach To Volunteering And Social Change:

Gender and Volunteerism Research Presentation: UN Comissioned Study

Returned Volunteers in Japan:

Outplaying Differences:

Returned Volunteers Mentoring National Volunteers:

Euro 2005 Report:

EURO 2007 Report:

Worldwide and for people of all ages:

Comhlamh – Code of Practice for Sending Organisations:

EVS – Fact sheet:

EVS – Youth in Action 2007 – 2013, European Union programme:

EVS – 2005 statistics per country:

FOCSIV – Review of International Volunteering in Italy:

Forum – V – Methodology:

GLEN – Promoting international volunteering in NMS of EU:

Skillshare International – Improving what we do:

VPPR – Volunteer Periodic Progress Reports:

EURO 2008 Conference Report:

International Volunteer Co-operation Organisations (IVCO)- 2001:

International Volunteer Co-operation Organisations (IVCO) – 2003:

International Volunteer Co-operation Organisations (IVCO) – 2004:

International Volunteer Co-operation Organisations (IVCO) – 2005:

People in Aid Australia e-Bulletin, May 2009:

Invito 18 marzo: Il Salar dello Uyuni Diario di un viaggio in Bolivia #10:

Volunteer Services Abroad – VISTA, October 2008:

Changes in Earnings in Brazil, Chile, and Mexico: Disentangling the Forces behind Pro-Poor Changes in Labour Markets, by Eduardo Zepeda:

Confronting Crises: Learning From Labour Markets in the Past, by Eduardo Zepeda:

EU Logos, NEA Say:

International Volunteer Co-operation Organisations (IVCO) – 2002:

Promoting Public Awareness through Voluntary Service:

Perceived Effects of International Volunteering: Reports from Alumni:


European Voluntary Humanitarian Aid Corps study, terms of reference:

Initiative of Korea for Volunteering: World Friends Korea - More Volunteers, Better Volunteering

Director’s Presentations: Strategic issues arising from international youth programmes

Annual Report 2009:

Forum Discussion Paper 2009: Volunteers: Catalysts for Social Engagement