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Department for International Development: International Citizen Service

Evaluation of the pilot project Country Contact Persons of the weltwärts development volunteer service: Executive Summary

Chinese Volunteering in Africa: Drivers, Issues and Future Prospects

Examining the Geopolitics of Aid in Education: A Comparison of the United States Peace Corps and the Nigeria Technical Aid Corps in Namibia

Laws and Policies Affecting Volunteerism Since 2001:

Taking People out of Boxes and Categories: Voluntary service and social cohesion

Promising Practices from Sub‐Saharan Africa:

Youth Volunteer Exchange Programmes in Southern and Eastern Africa: Models and Effects:

Impact Investing: A Tool for New Partnerships for Sustainable Development

Diaspora Volunteering: A Comhlámh Discussion Paper

Online Volunteering: A Comhlámh Discussion Paper

Diaspora volunteers and international development: An Autoethnographic Research Project

Models of International Volunteering: Trends, innovation and good practice

New Evidence on Overseas Volunteering from Ireland: And it's socio-economic impact in Ireland

Voluntary Service Project: Sector summary report

CSD Report 11-19: International Service & Higher Education: Toward a Vision for the Field

CSD Research Brief 12-08: International volunteerism in the United States, 2004-2010

CSD Research Brief 13-14: International volunteering from the United States between 2004 and 2012

UNV Programme Strategy Overview: Volunteerism for Peace and Development

La stratégie du programme : Le volontariat pour la paix et le développement:

Inspiring Employee Volunteering – China Research Study: Inspiring Corporate Volunteering in China

Benefits of the Leave for Change Program:

Participative methods and intercultural challenges: When deep commitment leads to deep conflict – or why cultural fluency is essential in international cooperation

Méthodes participatives et enjeux interculturels:

Partizipative Methoden und interkulturelle Herausforderungen:

Intercultural communication in Development Co-operation: the partners’ voice in the South:

Interkulturelle Kommunikation in der internationalen Zusammenarbeit: die Partner vor Ort kommen zu Wort:

Perceived Effects of International Volunteering: Reports from Alumni:

Effects of International Volunteering and Service: Individual and Institutional Predictors:

La valeur ajoutée des affectations de longue durée dans la coopération par l’échange de personnes:

Indigenous Australian participation in international volunteering: Report on exploratory research

Innovations in international youth volunteering: An analysis of 22 innovative youth volunteer programs from around the world

The Estimated Economic Value of a US Volunteer Abroad:

7 examples of active North-South-North partnership:

7 examples of active North-South-North Partnership:

ICP Regional Report: An Exploration of Movements Toward National Youth Service Policy in 15 Countries in Eastern Europe and the Balkans

Review Concerning the Establishment of a European Voluntary Humanitarian Aid Corps study:

European Civil Peace Corps feasibility study:

Hungarian Law on Volunteering: