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Volunteer Disappointment and Outcome of Activities: Regional Perspective of Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers (JOCV):

Evaluation of DFID’s International Citizens’ Service (ICS) Pilot Programme: Final Project Completion Review

Towards a theory of effective cross-cultural capacity development: the experiences of Australian international NGO expatriates in Vietnam:

Valuing Volunteering: The Role of Volunteering in Sustainable Development

“Shining a Light on Disability”: Supporting and Promoting Disability Inclusion in Lesotho

Contributions of Australian Volunteers International Volunteers in the Middle East:

International Volunteering: An Investment in Development:

Capacity Building Contributions of Short-Term International Volunteers:

It’s the Invisible Things: An Evaluation of the Volunteer Program in China 1988 - 2013

International Service and the Perceived Impacts on Volunteers:

…so that Personnel Development Co-operation has a lasting effect: Interviews with co-ordinators in the South

…pour une coopération solidaire et durable:

…damit Personelle Entwicklungs- zusammenarbeit nachhaltig wirkt:

…por una cooperación solidaria y sostenible:

Civil Society Volunteering Patterns in Africa: An analysis of the CIVICUS Civil Society Index 2008-2011 findings on volunteerism

Uniterra Volunteer Cooperation Program 2010-2011: Annual narrative report and summary

State of the World’s Volunteerism Report: Universal Values for Global Well-being

Where Would the World be Without Volunteering?: The impact of volunteering in international development

Assessment of Results: FK in Nepal, Norway and Ethiopia Final Report Summary

Rethinking Tokelau Education: Tokelau and the role of New Zealand volunteers

Lighting a Fire: VSA’s role in promoting education leadership in the Solomon Islands

Civil Society Aid Effectiveness: Uniterra case study

The Role of Volunteers in International Development: VSO Position Paper

Volunteerism and Capacity Development:

Below the Waterline of Public Visibility: Guide on Roundtable on Volunteerism and Social Development