Our Hopes and Plans for the Global Standard in 2021

In 2019, Forum launched the Global Standard for Volunteering for Development, which was developed through a three-year global consultation. This was the first comprehensive set of standards for volunteering, and a starting point for organisations that work with volunteers to become more impactful and more responsible.

Since that launch, we have piloted the Standard with 30 organisations around the world. The pilot ended in January, and the Standards Working Group is now leading on three big pieces of work.

First, we are reviewing and revising the Standard. This review is based on learning from the pilot, which identified areas for improvement around diversity and inclusion, environmental protection, safety and security, and online volunteering.

Second, we are creating an online learning library, based on the Standard, to support organisations in improving how they work with volunteers. Like the Standard itself, the learning library will address four areas of volunteering practice:

· Designing and Delivering Projects

· Duty of Care

· Managing Volunteers

· Measuring Impact

Finally, later this year we will be rolling the revised Standard out to a much wider audience of organisations that work with volunteers. This will include a session on the Standard at IVCO 2021, resources to help organisations to understand and engage with the Standard, and we will be translating the Standard into many more languages.

We are looking forward to sharing the results of this work with you over the coming months. If you would like to join the Standards Working Group and get involved, email info@forum-ids.org.

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