IVCO 2022 Framing Paper

Launching the IVCO 2022 Framing Paper – A New Dawn: Strategic Pathways for the Future of Volunteering in Development

We are proud today to launch the IVCO 2022 Framing Paper, A New Dawn: Strategic Pathways for the Future of Volunteering in Development.  

In May of this year, Forum began a Collective Strategy Process. Led by Nick Ockenden, this process included 31 conversations with Forum members and 10 external stakeholders. The Framing Paper we launch today summarises the key points and considerations that emerged from this process, in order to frame and inform our conversations on the future of volunteering at IVCO 2022 and beyond.  

The paper looks at the lessons our sector has learned from COVID, questions of decolonisation, wider trends and questions that perhaps have been neglected over the past two years, and looks at new and evolving approaches to volunteer programming.  

It sets out a strategy for volunteering in development for the next three to five years, for Forum members and the wider sector, and offers possible pathways to help organisations prioritise and effectively navigate the post-COVID environment. 

Beginning next Wednesday, we will also publish a series of short think pieces by leaders in our sector on a range of issues from partnership and volunteering for climate action to decolonising our practice and ideas of prosperity and flourishing as they relate to volunteering in development.  

All of these themes will be explored further, in-person, at IVCO 2022. To register and to learn more about the conference, which is taking place in Senegal from the 16th to the 19th of October on the theme A New Dawn for Volunteering in Development, go to  ivco2022.org.  


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