Linking Decolonisation and Diversity – the IVCO 2021 Framing Paper Launched

Forum and ActionAid Hellas are proud to launch the IVCO 2021 Framing Paper, Inclusive Volunteering for Global Equality – Linking Decolonisation and Diversity. This paper by Benjamin Haas of the University of Cologne and Victor Moinina of the University of Sierra Leone will frame and inform conversations at IVCO 2021 next month. It connects debates around decolonising aid and development with discussions on diversity and inclusion in Volunteering for Development programmes, themes that ultimately centre around questions of power, privilege, structural discrimination and exclusive mechanisms. It provides an overview of current debates and their importance for the volunteering sector and sets the ground for our discussions at IVCO 2021.

Following on from the Framing Paper and ’44 Questions’, in the coming weeks we will share a series of ten think pieces on the IVCO 2021 theme and sub-themes. You will be able to access them in the Research section on our website, on our Twitter and on LinkedIn.

You can find out more about IVCO 2021, and register to attend, on the conference website. There are a limited number of free tickets available for delegates representing organisations in the Global South.

If you would like to apply for one of these, please email by Sunday the 26th of September. 

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