Zavod Voluntariat

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Zavod Voluntariat is one of the leading international volunteer organisations in Slovenia.  Their goal is to provide space for people to participate in quality non-formal education programs.  One of the key programs is a global volunteering program; a valuable tool for raising awareness on global interdependencies and promoting active global citizenship towards more just world.

Zavod Voluntariat assists 200 volunteers per year from Slovenia to work on international volunteering programs in various countries around the globe. Volunteer programs vary from two weeks to one year.

Zavod Voluntariat has been working with partners to coordinate volunteering opportunities and advocate for good-quality global volunteering. Examples of their work include:

  • Involvement in the European Volunteer Service (EVS) program for young people aged between 18 and 30 years, who reside in Europe, to volunteer internationally in places such as Ghana, Vietnam, Morocco and more.
  • Work with the Global Education Network of Young Europeans (GLEN) program which trains people in ‘global education’ through seminars, internships and global education activities. Zavod Voluntariat coordinates Slovenian volunteers throughout a GLEN project cycle in Slovenia and contributes to the further development of GLEN program by engaging in different strategic and planning processes.
  • Coordination of a working group on global volunteering for the Slovenian NGDO platform for development cooperation and humanitarian aid (SLOGA), which gathers like-minded organisations and is active in integrating global education issues and stimulating critical thinking on global interdependences through global volunteering practices.
  • Involvement in an advocacy working group focused on shaping the European Union Aid Volunteers initiative, coordinated by Forum Member France Volontaires, which will provide a path for Europeans eager to provide humanitarian assistance where help is most urgently needed.

Zavod Voluntariat is a Slovenian branch of Service Civil International (SCI), a worldwide peace movement which started in 1920. SCI is a network with more than 35 national branches on five continents, which works together with more than 80 partner organisations throughout the world.

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