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Yayasan Sukarelawan Siswa (YSS)/Student Volunteers Foundation


Launched in 2012, Yayasan Sukarelawan Siswa (YSS)/Student Volunteers Foundation is dedicated to growing a culture of volunteering among Malaysia’s 1.3 million tertiary students. YSS exists to motivate, educate and guide Malaysian tertiary students’ aspirations and capacity to act as champions of world peace, instilling a spirit of camaraderie among their ranks via community engagement as volunteers in Malaysia and internationally. It pursues six core clusters in meeting the Sustainable Development Goals (Education, Medical and Health, Community Development/Improvement, Agribio and Environment, Crisis and Disaster Management, and Information Technology and Social Entrepreneurship), aiming to:

  • create leadership opportunities among student volunteers
  • organise high impact volunteer programs
  • fortify the ecosystem of student volunteerism
  • enhance strategic linkages across the volunteering and governmental sectors
  • reinforce the concept and practice of specialised volunteer training

YSS positions youth volunteering as a key tool in creating compassionate, caring future leaders among Malaysia’s tertiary graduates. YSS firmly believes that students must be “ethically and morally upright, spiritually grounded, compassionate and caring; appreciates sustainable development and a healthy lifestyle” to become role models as future leaders. It has now executed 34 high impact volunteer missions across several ASEAN countries and also locally in Sabah and Sarawak. YSS promotes the concept of inclusiveness and immersion where volunteers eat, live and breathe with the local community.

YSS is an initiative of the Malaysian Ministry of Eduction (Higher Education).

IVCO 2018 Framing Paper: Inclusive development for women and youth: where are we at?

Department for International Development: International Citizen Service

The Peace Corps’ Congressional Budget Justification: Fiscal Year 2018

Evaluation of the pilot project Country Contact Persons of the weltwärts development volunteer service: Executive Summary

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Annual Volunteer Survey Results Global Tabular Report

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Findings of the 2015 weltwärts Programme Volunteer Survey

International Citizen Service (ICS), 2012-15 Programme Statistics on participating UK volunteers, by age and by region

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Safety and Security Highlights to Help You Prepare for Peace Corps Service

Laws and Policies Affecting Volunteerism Since 2001

Cross-National Volunteering: A Developing Movement?

Taking People out of Boxes and Categories: Voluntary service and social cohesion

IVCO 2018 Theme Paper 1: Inclusive Development Policy for Women and Youth

IVCO 2018 Theme Paper: Inclusive Development Practice for Women

IVCO 2018 Theme Paper: Inclusive Development Practice for Youth

IVCO 2018 Resource Paper: Active citizenship, civic engagement and global citizenship

Executive Summary Volunteer Groups’ Thematic Paper to the HLPF 2018

Volunteer Groups’ Thematic Paper to the HLPF 2018

Changing Perspectives: Incoming Voluntary Services

The South-North component of the development volunteers service weltwärts: Summary of the evaluation

Promising Practices from Sub‐Saharan Africa

Study on Youth Volunteering Perceptions and Motivation in South Africa

Youth Volunteer Exchange Programmes in Southern and Eastern Africa: Models and Effects

Impact Investing: A Tool for New Partnerships for Sustainable Development

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Effective volunteer placements: The importance of good relationships with host-country counterparts

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Volunteer Groups’ Position Paper to the High-Level Political Forum (HLPF) 2016

Volunteer Groups’ Position Paper to the High-Level Political Forum (HLPF) 2015

Key messages on the Role of Volunteerism in shaping and implementing an inclusive and sustainable development agenda for the future 2014

Forum Position Paper 2013: Forum and the post-2015 development agenda

IVCO 2017 Framing Paper: Implementation of the SDGs through transformative partnership in volunteering

IVCO 2017 Sub-Theme Paper – Enabling Environment

IVCO 2017 Sub-Theme Paper – Innovation

IVCO 2017 Sub-Theme Paper – Measurement

From Local Lives to Lasting Legacies: Raleigh International’s long-term effect on in-country volunteers

Engaging Returned Volunteers in Active Citizenship: Research, learning and best practice from four countries

Global Partners for Sustainable Development: The Added Value of Singapore International Foundation Volunteers

Forum Discussion Paper 2016: The Interface Between International and National Volunteering and the Implications for IVCOs (in a Universal Global Goals World)

Forum Discussion Paper 2016: Why Measure and for Whose Benefit? Addressing the Challenges of Measuring the Contribution of Volunteering for Development in a Multiple Stakeholder Environment

Forum Discussion Paper 2016: AKLHUE-Forum Trends Survey: Understanding the Patterns of Volunteering for Development. An Initial Baseline Survey of International Volunteer Cooperation Organisations

Towards a theory of effective cross-cultural capacity development: the experiences of Australian international NGO expatriates in Vietnam

The Evolution of International Volunteering

Keynote Speech: JOCV at 50 - Lessons for Volunteering and the SDGs

Returned Volunteer Organization “JOCA” for Japan’s Positive Change

Bringing it home: Returning Volunteers to a lifetime of service and impact

A Call to Peace: Perspectives of Volunteers on the Peace Corps at 50

Fostering Young Australian Returned Volunteers to be Agents of Change, Innovation and Development

Safety, Security and Well-being

Safety and Security

Failing Forward

Digital Disruption: Implications for IVCOs

Volunteer youth from indigenous minorities: Engines for inclusive development and enterprise in Laos

Volunteer Service Abroad


Working as a Consortia: A Conversation about Collaboration or Competition?

UNITERRA 2015-2020

New volunteer initiatives generated by the civil society in Germany

Capturing the ASEAN Spirit Youth Leading the Way

International Volunteering and Development: Korean Experience of World Friends Korea (WFK)

Volunteer Safety and Security

Effective Practices for International Volunteering

Global Research Agenda on Volunteering for Peace and Sustainable Development 2015-2025

Communicating Impact: The Narrative Project

Program-based Result Management and the Role of Volunteer Coordinators and Country Offices

The Fundamental Work Competencies Among Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers (JOCVs) and their Roles in Volunteer Activities

What Motivates Japan’s International Volunteers?: Categorizing Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers (JOCVs)

Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers: Its Genesis and Development from a Comparative Perspective

Volunteer Youth from Indigenous Minorities: Engines for Inclusive Development and Enterprise in Laos

IVCO 2015 Tokyo Declaration Draft

Global indicators to measure volunteer impact

Emerging trends of international volunteering: Togo National Volunteering Program

Plenary Presentation: Implications of the SDGs on IVCOs

UNV “State of the World’s Volunteerism Report” Launch

From Volunteers to Active Citizens

Valuing Volunteering: The Role of Volunteering in Sustainable Development

“Shining a Light on Disability”: Supporting and Promoting Disability Inclusion in Lesotho


El Voluntariado en un Mundo de Convergencia: Promoviendo la Colaboración Intersectorial para Soluciones de Desarrollo Sostenible

From tokenism to youth-driven

Multi-stakeholder partnerships and innovative practices in volunteerism for adaption to climate change and sustainable agriculture

Un Aguayo para un parto sin riesgo: Acción conjunta para vigilar la salud de las madres y recién nacidos/as

Comhlámh’s Volunteer Charter

Diaspora Volunteering: A Comhlámh Discussion Paper

Contributions of Australian Volunteers International Volunteers in the Middle East

Factors Influencing the Effectiveness of International Volunteer Assignments: A 10-Year Analysis

Capacity Development Plans: Trialling New Ways of Working Together in the Australian Volunteers for International Development (AVID) Program

Comhlámh’s Survey on International Volunteering from Ireland 2013

Online Volunteering: A Comhlámh Discussion Paper

International Volunteering: An Investment in Development

UNV in Action: Advocating for volunteerism post-2015

Diaspora volunteers and international development: An Autoethnographic Research Project

Forum Discussion Paper 2014 Concept Note: The interface between international and national volunteering

Forum Discussion Paper 2014 planning workshop: The interface between international and national volunteering

Workshops – Research focus: Trends, innovative methodology and tools

Research Marketplace and World Forum: opportunites for knowledge sharing and networking

Conference Summary and Closing Remarks: Jacques Godfrain, Chair of France Volontaires

Conference Summary and Closing Remarks: Nita Kapoor, Chair of Forum, Director General, FK Norway

Conference Summary and Closing Remarks: Pascal Canfin, Minister Delegate attached to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, with responsibility for Development

Models of International Volunteering: Trends, innovation and good practice

Lifelong volunteering: Social engagement after working lives

Impacts for Northern societies: reciprocity impact and returning volunteering contribution to their own societies

Innovations with Evaluation Methods: Lessons from a Community of Practice in International Development

Capacity Building Contributions of Short-Term International Volunteers

New Evidence on Overseas Volunteering from Ireland: And it's socio-economic impact in Ireland

Voluntary Service Project: Sector summary report

What Next: A toolkit for returned volunteers

CSD Report 11-19: International Service & Higher Education: Toward a Vision for the Field

CSD Research Brief 12-08: International volunteerism in the United States, 2004-2010

CSD Research Brief 13-14: International volunteering from the United States between 2004 and 2012

Comhlámh’s Code of Good Practice for Volunteer Sending Agencies

It’s the Invisible Things: An Evaluation of the Volunteer Program in China 1988 - 2013

UNV Programme Strategy Overview: Volunteerism for Peace and Development

La stratégie du programme : Le volontariat pour la paix et le développement

Perspective africaine – Politique européenne: Manifeste sur la politique européenne de développement

Inspiring Employee Volunteering – China Research Study: Inspiring Corporate Volunteering in China

International Service and the Perceived Impacts on Volunteers

…so that Personnel Development Co-operation has a lasting effect: Interviews with co-ordinators in the South

…pour une coopération solidaire et durable

…damit Personelle Entwicklungs- zusammenarbeit nachhaltig wirkt

…por una cooperación solidaria y sostenible

Benefits of the Leave for Change Program

International Service Perspectives from Weltwärts and ICYE Volunteers – Draft

Civil Society Volunteering Patterns in Africa: An analysis of the CIVICUS Civil Society Index 2008-2011 findings on volunteerism

Nous parions sur une coopération émancipatrice qui renforce la société civile brésilienne

Unsere emanzipatorische Zusammenarbeit hat das Ziel, die brasilianische Zivilgesellschaft zu stärken

Apostamos por una cooperación emancipadora, que refuerce la sociedad civil Brasilera

Participative methods and intercultural challenges: When deep commitment leads to deep conflict – or why cultural fluency is essential in international cooperation

Méthodes participatives et enjeux interculturels

Partizipative Methoden und interkulturelle Herausforderungen

Intercultural communication in Development Co-operation: the partners’ voice in the South

Interkulturelle Kommunikation in der internationalen Zusammenarbeit: die Partner vor Ort kommen zu Wort

Intercultural communication in Development Co-operation: the partners’ voice in the South

Planificación y Monitoreo en la Gestión basada en Resultados de Proyectos y Programas

Basic guide for information work

Uniterra Volunteer Cooperation Program 2010-2011: Annual narrative report and summary

State of the World’s Volunteerism Report: Universal Values for Global Well-being

Uniterra Result-Based Management System: Explanations for the planning, monitoring – evaluation, and reporting tools

Effectiveness and its evaluation in personnel development co-operation

L’efficacité et l’évaluation d’impact dans la coopération par l’échange de personnes

Where Would the World be Without Volunteering?: The impact of volunteering in international development

2009 Forum AGM Minutes

Agenda 2010 Forum AGM

The Economics of Climate Change in Southeast Asia

Forum Discussion Paper: Climate Change and the Development Agenda

Speech by Ms Euleen Goh, Chairman of SIF at the IVCO 2010 Conference Networking Dinner

IVCO 2010 Administrative Note

Assessment of Results: FK in Nepal, Norway and Ethiopia Final Report Summary

UNDP Inclusive Growth Bulletin

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The Coming Home Book: For returned overseas volunteers, development workers, humanitarian workers and missionaries

Im Einsatz für Frieden und Menschenrechte

Rethinking Tokelau Education: Tokelau and the role of New Zealand volunteers

International volunteers’ perceptions of intercultural competence

IVCO 2009 Report Published

Chaque volontaire fait partie d’un tout cohérent et l’ensemble est beaucoup plus que la somme des parties

Unser Programm ist viel mehr als die Summe der Freiwilligeneinsätze

Nuestro programa es mucho más que la suma de cada uno de los voluntarios

Lighting a Fire: VSA’s role in promoting education leadership in the Solomon Islands

Global Poverty Project Presentation – Coming Soon!

Mainstreaming Conflict Resolving Approaches

Global perspective – Coming Soon!

Gender Mainstreaming: How do current trends indevelopment and volunteering intersect with gender?

Interface of international volunteering and national youth programmes: Perspective from a local organisation

EURO 2005 Conference Report

VSO – Corporate Partnerships

VSO – Best Practice in Volunteering

UNV – Research Policy Regulatory Framework

Returned Volunteer – Ronan Moore

Returned Volunteer – Orla McCarthy

Returned Volunteer – Emer Kerrigan

Returned Volunteer – Aiden Leavy

Irish Aid – Volunteering Issues

Forum & SKILLSHARE – Platform 2: The new UK Programme for Young Volunteers (A brief introduction)

Forum – Funding Survey

FK Norway – Engaged for Life

EED – German update: Challenge of governmental funding

Comhlamh – Volunteering Options

Comhlamh – Research Codes of Good Practice

AFVP – The Experience of AFVP: Context and Preventive Practices


Impact of International Volunteering: Center for Social Development

Human Rights and Peace Work

A New Challenge for AFVP: Adapt quantitative and qualitative capacity of the French organisations of sending to the increasing enthusiasm of the French people for international volunteering

A Coordinated Approach To Volunteering And Social Change

Gender and Volunteerism Research Presentation: UN Comissioned Study

Returned Volunteers in Japan

Outplaying Differences

Returned Volunteers Mentoring National Volunteers

Euro 2005 Report

EURO 2007 Report

Worldwide and for people of all ages

Comhlamh – Code of Practice for Sending Organisations

EVS – Fact sheet

EVS – Youth in Action 2007 – 2013, European Union programme

EVS – 2005 statistics per country

FOCSIV – Review of International Volunteering in Italy

Forum – V – Methodology

GLEN – Promoting international volunteering in NMS of EU

Skillshare International – Improving what we do

VPPR – Volunteer Periodic Progress Reports

EURO 2008 Conference Report

International Volunteer Co-operation Organisations (IVCO)- 2001

International Volunteer Co-operation Organisations (IVCO) – 2003

International Volunteer Co-operation Organisations (IVCO) – 2004

International Volunteer Co-operation Organisations (IVCO) – 2005

People in Aid Australia e-Bulletin, May 2009

Invito 18 marzo: Il Salar dello Uyuni Diario di un viaggio in Bolivia #10

Volunteer Services Abroad – VISTA, October 2008

Changes in Earnings in Brazil, Chile, and Mexico: Disentangling the Forces behind Pro-Poor Changes in Labour Markets, by Eduardo Zepeda

Confronting Crises: Learning From Labour Markets in the Past, by Eduardo Zepeda

EU Logos, NEA Say

International Volunteer Co-operation Organisations (IVCO) – 2002

Promoting Public Awareness through Voluntary Service

Perceived Effects of International Volunteering: Reports from Alumni


European Voluntary Humanitarian Aid Corps study, terms of reference

Initiative of Korea for Volunteering: World Friends Korea - More Volunteers, Better Volunteering

Director’s Presentations: Strategic issues arising from international youth programmes

Into the Future: IVCO Paper on Options

Cambodia: International Volunteer Cooperating Organizations Remarks for the Honorable Ron Tschetter

Partnering with community volunteers to ensure sustainable development: A case presentation of Matabeleland AIDS Council, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

The Conservation of Tropical Mountain Cloud Forests

Cambodian NGOs’ Perceptions of International Volunteer Agencies

Comhlámh Abstract: The Impact of International Volunteering on Host Organisations in India and Tanzania

Global Poverty Project Cambodia

Global Poverty Project: Catalysing the movement to end extreme poverty

Effects of International Volunteering and Service: Individual and Institutional Predictors

The Overseas Experience: A Passport to Improved Volunteerism

La valeur ajoutée des affectations de longue durée dans la coopération par l’échange de personnes

Civil Society Aid Effectiveness: Uniterra case study

Indigenous Australian participation in international volunteering: Report on exploratory research

Measuring Volunteerism in civic engagement

Innovations in international youth volunteering: An analysis of 22 innovative youth volunteer programs from around the world

Fachkräfte in der personellen Entwicklungs – zusammenarbeit: Freiwillige in internationalen Freiwilligendiensten

The Estimated Economic Value of a US Volunteer Abroad

Climb High, Sleep Low: The Unique Learning Environments of International Volunteer Placements

7 examples of active North-South-North partnership

7 examples of active North-South-North Partnership

Volunteering for Impact – Best Practices in International Corporate Volunteering: Best Practices in International Corporate Volunteering

Future Trends: Opportunities and challenges for international volunteer co-operation

Civil society and aid effectiveness concept paper

Background paper for panel on civil society and effective aid

Ireland’s Volunteering Support: Moblising People for Development

Evaluation on Process of Volunteers’ Activity

Using Stories to Tell Our Story: Measuring the Impact of Cultural Exchange

Learning Opportunities of International Volunteers: AVI and University of Sydney Research Study

ICP Regional Report: An Exploration of Movements Toward National Youth Service Policy in 15 Countries in Eastern Europe and the Balkans

The Right Person for the Job: International Volunteering and the Australian Employment Market

Gender Quiz: Say no to violence against women

Trends in International Cooperation and Volunteering: 2006 and the last five years

Forum’s 2006-2009 Plan

Cooperation in Africa: HIV/AIDS Control

Youth: Working together to make a difference

Peace Corps

Cooperation between AVI and Skillshare International

Leave for change: Short-Term International Volunteer Assignments

Online Volunteering

Private Sector Engagement: Partnership for Development

Volunteer Infrastructure

World Volunteer Web: Keeping a tab on the V nerve

Health and Safety Protocols for International Volunteer and Educational Programs

Opportunities and challenges for international volunteer cooperation

The Effectiveness Agenda: AusAID’s emerging response: AusAID’s emerging response

The Converging World: Climate Change from a Perspective of the Process of Sustainable Living

The Converging World: How Convergence, Creativity and Systems Thinking have created an innovative process which holds the potential to address the great challenges we are facing

The model of Canada World Youth: Le modèle de Jeunesse Canada Monde

German Government’s New Volunteer Program

New ideas, new approaches on volunteering

Coaching for Hope

Public Engagement: Experience with Canadian community economic development networks

UNV’s Online Volunteering service for you

Assessing Volunteers Contribution to Development

AddVenture: Mobilising ambassadors for public engagement

VSO’s Diaspora volunteering initiative

Keynote speeches

Survey on Returning Volunteers

Un forum polycentrique pour un mouvement social convergent

El Foro Social Mundial 2006 y la hora de definir prioridades y ejes comunes

Keynote Speeches

Case Study: Rethinking International Volunteering and Co-operation

FK Norway – Private Sector: Private sector programme development 2001-2006

Public Engagement: Public engagement in Norway

Keynote Speeches

The Forms and Structure of International Voluntary Service

Review Concerning the Establishment of a European Voluntary Humanitarian Aid Corps study

European Civil Peace Corps feasibility study

Global Citizens for Change: A case study of Canadian VCAs collaborating to engage the public

Hungarian Law on Volunteering

The Role of Volunteers in International Development: VSO Position Paper

Volunteerism and Capacity Development

Below the Waterline of Public Visibility: Guide on Roundtable on Volunteerism and Social Development

Les “Peace Corps” (Corps de la Paix) célèbrent leurs 50 ans

Réunion à Manille des Volontaires de la zone Asie-Pacifique

A propos du dixième anniversaire de l’Année Internationale des Volontaires:

Forum Discussion Paper 2015: Documenting the Contribution of Volunteering to the SDGs - The challenges and opportunities of universal SDGs for IVCOs and volunteer groups

UNV-Forum Paper 2014: International Volunteering and Governance

Video address: Helen Clark: Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme, Chair of the United Nations Development Group, UNDP

Plenary presentation and discussion: Post-2015 – evolving global context through a volunteering lens

Plenary presentation and Discussion: Youth volunteering: building a movement for the future

Forum Discussion Paper: Youth and Development Impacts

Keynote Address Panel: Innovative Approaches to Volunteering for Development

Annual Report 2010

Forum Discussion Paper 2011: Changing patterns of state funding for international volunteering

Forum Discussion Paper: The state of youth volunteering in Africa: stepping back so that young people can step forward

A Mapping Exercise into International Volunteer Co-operative Agencies 2009

Youth Development: The Ocean in a Drop - A Perspective on Youth Development: Creating Ownership of Common Spaces

Welcome Address

Forum Discussion Paper 2015: Balancing Donor Priorities and the Civil Society Function - A Challenge for Modern IVCOs

UNV-Forum Paper 2014: International Volunteering and Governance (presentation)

Plenary presentation and discussion: Regional emerging policies in development and international volunteering: why invest in volunteering? 

Workshops: Volunteering as a life long journey – creating opportunities for continued contributions: For a continued engagement: how to make sure the experience doesn’t stop at the border?

Forum Discussion Paper Presentation: MDGs, Sustainable Development Goals and the Post 2015 agenda: opportunities for consolidating the recognition of volunteerism

Best Practices to Engage Aboriginal Youth in International Development Work

Partnership Presentation: Seeing the Forest and the Trees: Merging Local and Regional Perspectives in Latin American Model Forests

Forum Research 2012: Participatory Research on the Impact of International Volunteerism in Kenya

Forum sharing and learning networks – bringing it back into the Forum: A summary of the initiatives of the sharing and learning networks

Plenary Session C: Youth Programmes in Development

Keynote Address: Rising Asia and Implications for the Development Agenda

Annual Report 2009

Future Trends 2007: Opportunities and challenges for international volunteer co-operation

From tokenism to youth-driven: Empowering approaches to engage youth in development projects

Forum Discussion Paper 2014: Convergence and International Volunteer Cooperation (presentation)

Forum Discussion Paper 2014: Convergence and International Volunteer Cooperation

Document de Réflexion de Forum – 2014:: Convergence et Organisations de Coopération Colontaire

Documento de Reflexión de Forum 2014:: Convergencia y Organizaciones de Cooperación Voluntaria

Employee volunteering: Which employee mobilisation for which impact on development?

Youth Volunteering Making an Impact

Building a National Volunteering Program: The Uganda National Volunteers Link (UNVL)

Executive Summary, Forum Research 2012: Participatory Research on the Impact of International Volunteerism in Kenya

Youth Volunteering in Africa: The Case of the AU Youth Volunteers Corps

South to South volunteering: The case of VSO Jitolee

Annual Report 2008

IVCO Survey, 2006

Integrating volunteering in the next decade: A 10 Year Plan of Action 2016 – 2025

Post-2015 Volunteering Working Group report on Forum advocacy work: Mainstreaming international volunteering in the Post-2015 Development Agenda

Forum Discussion Paper 2013: Measuring and Conveying the Added Value of International Volunteering

Sommaire, Document de Discussion de Forum 2013: Mesurer et Véhiculer la Valeur du Volontariat International

Plenary presentation and discussion: For-profit sector contribution to People to People Development

Keynote Address: If post 2015 and the upcoming Sustainable Development Goals are an opportunity for Forum members and VIOs - what to do next?

The “SPOR” Youth Movement

Diaspora Volunteers: New Partners in Global Development Policy

Youth Volunteering in Africa: The Case of the Kenya National Youth Volunteer Scheme (NYVS) and International Citizens Service (ICS)

Forum Discussion Presentation 1: Valuing Volunteering in Africa

Annual Report 2007

Forum Research 2010: Emerging Perspectives on International Volunteerism in Asia

Plenary Session A: Changing Asia through International Volunteerism – Innovations and Challenges

Trends in International Co-operation and Volunteering, 2001 – 2006

Keynote address: Global convergence – opportunities and challenges

Executive Summary, Forum Discussion Paper 2013: Measuring and Conveying the Added Value of International Volunteering

Plenary presentation and Discussion: Advocating for people-centred development in the post-2015 agenda : Engaging in the process nationally, regionally and globally

Donor Panel and Discussion: The Evolving Donor Context: Funding Trends, Innovations and Models to Support Volunteering for Development

Approaches to a Robust Outcome on the Ground Through Public-Private Partnership

Youth Volunteering in Africa: North-South, South-North, South-South Volunteering

Asians working as international volunteers in Africa: The experience of KOICA

Annual Report 2006

Peer Support for Volunteer-Sending Agencies: Sharing good practices

Plenary Session A: Changing Asia through International Volunteerism – Innovations and Challenges

Trends, Added Value and Social Capital, 2004

Forum Paper 2014: Cross-sector collaboration and volunteering trends in Latin America and the Caribbean (presentation)

Forum Discussion Paper 2013: Advocating for People Centered Development in the Post-2015 Agenda

Workshops: Innovative tools and approaches for navigating international volunteering in a post-2015 world: Key features and role of Espaces Volontariats

Research Presentation and Discussion: The Value of International Volunteering

Presentation: Disrupting Development: Using Digital Technology to Shape New Trends in Volunteering for Development

Sustainable Volunteering Initiatives and Use of Most Significant Change Stories in Evaluating Volunteer Efforts

Working in synergy – the case of CFK: International and national volunteering working together for development

Annual Report 2005

Keynote Address: Mainstreaming Volunteer Activities into Development Programmes

Forum Paper 2014: Cross-sector collaboration and volunteering trends in Latin America and the Caribbean (paper)

Diasporas for Development Initiative: harnessing the skills and expertise of Diaspora communities in international development

Impacts of international volunteering in the hosting societies: Impacts du volontariat international dans les sociétés d’accueil

Forum Discussion Paper 2012: Assessing the Impact of International Volunteer Cooperation - Guiding Questions and Canadian Experiences

Multi-Sector Collaboration & Partnership Brokering Essentials: Blending Effective Tools with Case Studies from the Field

Join the Evolution: Be a 21st Century Social Producer to Achieve Community Development Goals

Valuing volunteering in the development mainstream: Personal testimony of Achieving Significant Change

Diaspora volunteering: Providing dynamic opportunities through partnerships

Plenary Session B: Sustainable Development in Asia – the Host Perspective

Impacts for Northern societies: reciprocity impact and returning volunteering contribution to their own societies

Remote Volunteering: Lessons from Bankers Without Borders

Forum Discussion Paper 2012: MDGs, Sustainable Development Goals and the Post 2015 agenda: opportunities for consolidating the recognition of volunteerism

A Life of Service – and fulfilling my Purpose: Personal testimony of Achieving Significant Change

Plenary Session B: Sustainable Development in Asia – the Host Perspective

Impacts of Volunteers missions in volunteer’s life cycle

Forum Discussion Paper 2012: Youth International Volunteering and Development - an Opportunity for Development, International Understanding or Social Inclusion?

Creating Sustainable Impact Through Short-Term Volunteering: An Analysis of Capacity Building Projects in Indonesia, Vietnam and Cambodia - The Experience of Singapore International Foundation (SIF)

Corporates working in partnership with international volunteering agencies

International Year of Volunteers + 10

Plenary Session B: Sustainable Development in Asia – the Host Perspective

Forum Discussion Paper 2011: Changing Patterns of State Funding for International Volunteering

Corporates working in partnership with international volunteering agencies (2)

Climate Change and Livelihood / Gender

Forum Discussion Paper 2011: The State of Youth Volunteering in Africa

International Year of the Volunteer (IYV) +10: Marking the 10th anniversary of the International Year of Volunteers (IYV+10)

Climate Change and Gender: Paving the road to equality

Forum Discussion Paper 2011 (draft): Capacity Development

Climate Change Discussion

Forum Discussion Paper 2010: Climate Change

Forum Discussion Paper 2009: Volunteers: Catalysts for Social Engagement

Forum Discussion Paper 2008: How do current trends in development and volunteering intersect with gender?

Forum Discussion Paper 2007: New Developments in Programme Models

Document de discussion 2007

Forum Discussion Paper 2007: Voluntary Service and Public Engagement: What’s Happening? What’s New?

Document de discussion 2007

Forum Discussion Paper 2007: Climate Change