Raleigh International

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Raleigh International is an international NGO which specialises in facilitating young people to be agents of change to deliver sustainable development. Its vision is to create a global community committed to working together, regardless of age, social background, culture and nationality, to build and maintain strong and sustainable communities across the globe. Since its foundation in 1984, Raleigh International volunteers have become a global community of more than 40,000 people committed to building a sustainable future.

Raleigh International programs focus on Water, sanitation and hygiene, Natural resource management, Livelihoods, and Youth and civil society. Utilising the expertise of local and international volunteers, it collaborates with local communities, partners, businesses and governments to create lasting change. Raleigh International currently run programs in rural communities in Nicaragua, Nepal, Tanzania, Malaysian Borneo and Costa Rica. It has a network of alumni societies in a further 10 countries.