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Oxfam-Québec is a dynamic organisation of dedicated people working together for a world without poverty.

People are front and centre in all of their activities. Oxfam-Québec carry out development projects, they work to save lives through the delivery of emergency humanitarian assistance, they raise funds to help people and communities in the South, they campaign for lasting change, and they rally the youth of Québec to take action.

Sustainable development projects
People affected by poverty living in the South have the power to take their destiny in hand and improve their lives, and Oxfam-Québec is helping them to do so. They work with local partners with a focus on building capacity to combat poverty in the long term. Oxfam-Québec’s projects are designed to meet people's current needs, without compromising those of future generations.

Responding to emergencies
Whenever there is a crisis—a war or some natural disaster—people need help fast. Oxfam-Québec responds swiftly with humanitarian assistance to support and protect the victims. They also work to help the affected communities to prepare for and prevent future crises.

In a world where resources are so plentiful, Oxfam-Québec believes is it possible to abolish poverty; and that this can only happen if the injustices and inequalities that perpetuate poverty are eliminated. That's why Oxfam-Québec creates awareness campaigns. They are working to change ideas, beliefs and behaviour. Campaigns also target decision makers, encouraging them to adopt policies and practices that will promote development.

Through fundraising efforts, Oxfam-Québec work to find lasting solutions to poverty and injustice in the world.

Youth programs
Young people represent a real force for change and for building a just and poverty-free world.