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Norec is a Norwegian state agency whose mandate is to provide for mutual exchange of staff between Norway and the global South, as well as South-South, within the framework of institutional cooperation.

In addition to being an implementer and resource bank for exchange cooperation, Norec is also a competence centre for related network development, young leadership development as well as South-South and triangular cooperation.

Norec's exchange programs are formulated within the framework of Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals. Norec promotes in particular human rights, gender equality, climate and environmental issues, as well as anti-corruption.

All partners in Norec programs both send and receive staff. A typical stay abroad lasts for one year. The on-the-job exchange of knowledge, experiences and skills improves the performance of the participating organisations as well as gives the people on exchange a life-changing experience.

There is a particular emphasis on engaging the exchanged staff to contribute not only abroad, but also to their communities at home after return, both in Norway and in the South. The institutional framework concept helps build global networks and partnerships to support implementation of Agenda 2030.

Since its inception in 2001 till 2018 (incl), more than 10,000 people have been exchanged in the Norec programs.

Norec was formerly known as FK Norway, but the competence centre mandate has now been added. It is headquartered in Førde, Norway.

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