FK Norway (Fredskorpset)

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FK Norway (Fredskorpset) arranges reciprocal exchanges of personnel between organisations in Norway and developing countries. Our objective is to contribute to lasting improvements in economic, social and political conditions in the world.

When people from different countries meet and get to know each other, this gives rise to knowledge, understanding and empathy… and the world gets smaller. That is why we give ordinary people the possibility to work for longer periods in a foreign country.

The exchange occurs in a partnership between two or more organisations or companies, with support from FK Norway. The aim is to promote the mutual exchange of knowledge, experiences and skills. This goes both ways: the organisation or company both sends and receives participants.

FK Norway is a public body answerable to the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and financed totally over the State Budget. For the year 2010, Fredskorpset has been allocated NOK 185 million. Over the past ten years, about 4300 participants have been exchanged.

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