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Center for Social Development (CSD)

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Founded in 1994, the Center for Social Development’s (CSD) mission is to create and study innovations in public policy that enable individuals, families, and communities to formulate and achieve life goals, and contribute to the economy and society.  Through innovation, research, and policy development, CSD makes intellectual and applied contributions in social development theory, evidence, community projects, and public policy.

CSD emphasises its role as a teaching institution, training doctoral and master’s students through applied research projects.  In many cases, international graduate students take on projects in their native countries, building knowledge and creating opportunities for extended partnership.  CSD connects academic and applied interests, while building bridges across public, nonprofit, and private sectors.  Students have come from many countries throughout the world, including Singapore, China, Nepal, Australia, Zambia and Columbia.

CSD's research often explores how to create avenues for participation in international service and to ensure that it provides meaningful and long-lasting value to both sending and hosting communities.