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AVI is a significant contributor to a peaceful, just and sustainable world; a world of respectful global relationships where all people have access to the resources they need, the opportunity to achieve their potential, the right to make decisions about the kind of development they want and to participate in the future of their communities.

AVI's Values

AVI is guided by principles of equity and social justice, integrity, diversity and inclusion, partnership and respect for human rights.

AVI works in an increasingly globalised world characterised by:

  • Global poverty - both its ongoing reality and an increased awareness through global initiatives such as the Millennium Development Goals and the Global Poverty Project.
  • Ongoing threats to the viability of communities and nations because of climate change, global financial and political instability, conflict, global pandemics, and the inter-connectedness of these threats.
  • Competition as well as collaboration in international development and an increasing emphasis on transparency, mutual accountability, ways of measuring effectiveness and community engagement.
  • Broadening opportunities and challenges for international volunteering through organisation to organisation linkages, international exchanges, leadership programs and reciprocal volunteering.

AVI's Work

AVI connects people and organisations internationally to learn from each other and achieve shared goals within our strategic priorities. Our work in people-centred development, particularly through volunteering, is central to this. We work with individuals, organisations and communities in response to locally identified priorities.