Australian Business Volunteers (ABV)


Australian Business Volunteers (ABV) is unique among Australian international NGOs. Its focus is on strengthening business and economic institutions around the world, with a vision of alleviating poverty through inclusive economic growth. The underpinning principle for all ABV’s work is that locally developed business provides an effective model for sustained community development, alleviating poverty by contributing to economic growth, job creation, and people’s livelihoods and incomes.

ABV began in 1981 when the Australian Government sought to use the business skills and experience of newly retired Australian executives. Inspired by the success of a model created in the United States, ABV partners with small and medium sized businesses in developing countries and provides practical business advice and guidance. ABV’s projects are implemented by volunteers who are senior business professionals, bringing extensive experience to each project along with an independent and altruistic approach that guarantees effective and authentic skills transfer and mentoring.

Acknowledging the multiple factors which inhibit the growth of a sustainable and inclusive private sector, ABV works to strengthen the private sector in variety of ways, from small business mentoring to economic institutional strengthening programs. With long-term experience implementing capacity building programs using different models, ABV collaborates with partners to create effective development programs which are customised, needs-based and community driven.

ABV has excellent local cultural knowledge, having placed volunteers on thousands of assignments with for-profit and not-for-profit organisations across Asia and the Pacific. In addition, the majority of ABV volunteers have worked or volunteered before in developing countries. ABV implements corporate volunteering programs designed to benefit communities as well as corporations and their employees.


To alleviate poverty by using business expertise to drive inclusive economic growth and well-being.


Strengthen business and institutions to enable a strong and vibrant private sector.

ABV’s core value is altruism which is underpinned by the following principles:

  • We build capacity by transferring skills and knowledge.
  • We work with integrity, delivering what we promise and demonstrating impact.
  • We are collaborative and respectful in our approach, drawing on the cross-section of local community, business and government to develop targeted and sustainable solutions.