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Volunteers Involving Organization Network (VIONet) is a network of progressive organisations that connect volunteers who seek to collaborate with the government, unions, think tanks, foundations, non-governmental organisations and the private sector to complement and add value in the area of promoting volunteerism for peace and development. Co-founded by VSO and UNV, VIONet provides a platform for collective and coordinated answers to volunteerism, joint initiatives, exchanging information and experience on volunteerism and policy related initiatives and ideas, strengthening membership, supporting local and international campaigns, improving regional networking and solidarity activities. Member organisations are diverse and work with volunteers at different levels: community, national and international. Currently, VIONet works through regional networks in all districts of Sierra Leone. 

VIONet has members who engage with international volunteers including: ECOWAS Volunteers, UN Volunteers, VSO, and EU Aid Volunteers. These organisations and their volunteers are involved in VIONet’s programmes and activities, such as sharing evidence from community-based organisations on the role of volunteering in the SDGs through their involvement in the Voluntary National Review process, building community ownership of the SDGs and the role of volunteering through engaging local leaders, schools and universities to develop localised action plans for implementation, and facilitating the role of the private sector in supporting community-based volunteering towards the SDGs through corporate social responsibility initiatives. VIONet members are operational in the following areas:

  • Health
  • Education
  • Community Engagement
  • Gender
  • Livelihoods
  • Volunteering for Development
  • Youth Engagement
  • SDGs 

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