Recognition for volunteering on the global development agenda!

What will follow after the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in 2015? The discussion is well on its way. This was an important theme at the International Volunteer Cooperation Organisations conference (IVCO 2012) held in Ottawa 14-17 October 2012.

The outcome of the discussions being held within the UN and other global, regional and national bodies will affect all Forum member agencies and other stakeholders working within development. Collectively, we wish to ensure that the value of volunteering is amply recognised in the future global development framework to follow post-2015 and have therefore established the Ottawa Declaration. It emphasises the role which millions of volunteers all over the world are playing and their contribution to sustainable development. It also requests the UN to ensure that organisations involved with international volunteering are among the stakeholders to be consulted in the ongoing discussions.

We urge all volunteer groups and volunteer involving organisations to sign up to support this declaration and strengthen the recognition of volunteering for development.

Simply email Forum’s Executive Coordinator info@forum-ids.org

Download (PDF, 87KB)