IVCO 2009

IVCO 2009 ReportThe IVCO 2009 conference was held in Budapest, Hungary, from 18th-21st October 2009. It was organised by HVSF and the theme was “Volunteers as catalysts for social engagement“.

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Presentations & Papers

Day 1

Global Poverty Project Presentation – Coming Soon!

Global perspective – Coming Soon!

Gender and Volunteerism Research Presentation: UN Comissioned Study

Returned Volunteers in Japan

Outplaying Differences

Returned Volunteers Mentoring National Volunteers

Day 2

Impact of International Volunteering: Center for Social Development

Human Rights and Peace Work

A New Challenge for AFVP: Adapt quantitative and qualitative capacity of the French organisations of sending to the increasing enthusiasm of the French people for international volunteering

A Coordinated Approach To Volunteering And Social Change

Initiative of Korea for Volunteering: World Friends Korea - More Volunteers, Better Volunteering

Forum Discussion Paper 2009: Volunteers: Catalysts for Social Engagement

Day 3