IVCO 2006

IVCO-2006-coverThe IVCO 2006 Meeting was held at the UN Campus, Bonn, from 4-6 October 2006. The focus of this conference was how we can improve our impact.. Key areas explored were: ‘Rethinking Working with the Private Sector’‘Public Engagement and Influencing Policy’ and ‘Collaboration and Cooperation.’

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Presentations & Papers


Trends in International Cooperation and Volunteering: 2006 and the last five years

Forum’s 2006-2009 Plan

Cooperation in Africa: HIV/AIDS Control

Youth: Working together to make a difference

Peace Corps

Cooperation between AVI and Skillshare International

Leave for change: Short-Term International Volunteer Assignments

Online Volunteering

Private Sector Engagement: Partnership for Development

Volunteer Infrastructure

World Volunteer Web: Keeping a tab on the V nerve

Health and Safety Protocols for International Volunteer and Educational Programs

Opportunities and challenges for international volunteer cooperation

The Effectiveness Agenda: AusAID’s emerging response: AusAID’s emerging response

The Converging World: Climate Change from a Perspective of the Process of Sustainable Living

The Converging World: How Convergence, Creativity and Systems Thinking have created an innovative process which holds the potential to address the great challenges we are facing

The model of Canada World Youth: Le modèle de Jeunesse Canada Monde

German Government’s New Volunteer Program

New ideas, new approaches on volunteering

Coaching for Hope

Public Engagement: Experience with Canadian community economic development networks

UNV’s Online Volunteering service for you

Assessing Volunteers Contribution to Development

AddVenture: Mobilising ambassadors for public engagement

VSO’s Diaspora volunteering initiative

Keynote speeches

Case Study: Rethinking International Volunteering and Co-operation

FK Norway – Private Sector: Private sector programme development 2001-2006

Public Engagement: Public engagement in Norway

Global Citizens for Change: A case study of Canadian VCAs collaborating to engage the public