IVCO 2020 Paper Volunteering for Climate Action

This paper explores the connection between volunteering and climate action. It includes an overview of the causes and urgency of climate change and how they connect to volunteering.

The paper is structured around the four IVCO 2020 themes of advocacy and awareness, adaptation and resilience, capacity building, and policies and systems. It draws on a review of the literature in this area and primary research findings from a 2020 survey of volunteer involving organisations. It  presents the contemporary views of these organisations on issues linking volunteering for development and climate action and climate justice and explores the opportunities and choices IVCOs face. It highlights the opportunities and choices IVCOs face deciding whether to continue to focus mostly on adaptation in the Global South or use this experience more strategically to also tackle the causes of climate change largely in the Global North.

The paper includes case studies to illustrate the nature and extent of a range of VIOs’ climate action activities, including principles of good practice.

Finally, it sets out recommendations for future IVCO strategies and activities.

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