IVCO 2018 Resource Paper Active citizenship, civic engagement and global citizenship

The potential for volunteers to remain involved in action for development following an international placement has long been recognised, both by organisations involved in international volunteering and by volunteers themselves. The opportunity for individuals to go abroad, and to experience first hand many of the challenging and complex issues around poverty and injustice in the world, can be the inspiration for a deeper engagement in development. This is of relevance to Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4.7, which highlights the importance of all learners acquiring knowledge and skills for the promotion of sustainable development, including through global citizenship and appreciation of cultural diversity. Returned volunteers have the potential to bring a critical, global perspective into local areas of work, study and daily life, and into the lives of others. They frequently have credibility in the eyes of their peers; with appropriate support and training post-return, they can utilise their experiences to make an on-going contribution as active citizens working to address global poverty and social exclusion (Comhlámh 2013, 2014).

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