Forum Discussion Paper 2016 The Interface Between International and National Volunteering and the Implications for IVCOs (in a Universal Global Goals World)

This paper is to encourage constructive discussion on the interface between international and national volunteering and the opportunities and challenges this provides for IVCOs in a universal Global Goals world. It does this by following the historical evolution of IVCO activities and philosophy to the present day. From this base, the paper looks at possibilities for combining national and international volunteering for development, giving two specific examples from the UK International Citizen Service (ICS) and EU Aid Volunteers programs. It then considers the framework of volunteer infrastructure as a vantage point for understanding and promoting volunteering for development through international, national and community volunteering. The paper concludes by outlining some of the opportunities and challenges when combining international and national volunteering as well as touching on issues of equity and stipends. These can be important issues that are often left unspoken but are best discussed openly to make the best of constructive opportunities for IVCOs by combining national and international volunteering.

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