Statistical Report of Crimes against Volunteers 2016

The Statistical Report of Crimes Against Volunteers 2016 provides summary statistics of reported crime victimizations of Peace Corps Volunteers and trainees that occurred in calendar year 2016. In addition, this report provides a global trend analysis of reported crime victimizations for the last 10 years and statistics on all in-service deaths since 1962. The purpose of this publication is to inform the agency, current Volunteers and trainees, prospective Volunteers, the general public, Congress, researchers, and the media on the number and types of victimizations reported by Peace Corps Volunteers and trainees.

While this report provides a reliable set of administrative statistics critical to the management of Peace Corps’ safety and security policies and procedures, it only reflects crimes that were reported to the Peace Corps. Because Volunteers may not report all crimes they experience to the Peace Corps, these reported victimizations are a subset of all victimisations and security incidents that may have happened in the calendar year. In 2016, 1,314 Volunteers (13 percent of all Volunteers serving overseas in the calendar year) reported one or more crime incidents, including 218 Volunteers (2 percent) who reported serious crime. The percentage of Volunteers who report crime to the Peace Corps remained essentially unchanged since 2012. The report provides detailed breakdowns of the different kinds of crimes against Volunteers.

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