Forum Paper 2014 Cross-sector collaboration and volunteering trends in Latin America and the Caribbean

International volunteer opportunities vary greatly from region to region. Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) offer a wide variety of focus areas for international volunteer cooperation organisations (IVCOs). Throughout the LAC region, diverse socio-economic circumstances and the growing effects of globalisation magnify social disparities and isolate poverty-stricken communities. The international volunteer community continues to work within the LAC region to improve people’s lives and their communities.

The following report details the state of international volunteering in the LAC region. A summary of findings is presented on the characteristics of international volunteering within the region, including volunteer placement duration, program type, and local-partner cooperation strategies. Methodologies for volunteering throughout the region are discussed and examples of unique and innovative models specific to LAC are provided. A comprehensive list of volunteer opportunities, as well as specific issues and groups addressed by IVCOs and their programs are also considered. Major challenges for operating successful programs are identified. Finally, a concise analysis of current volunteer efforts throughout the region is presented and discussed.

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