CSD Report 11-19 International Service & Higher Education: Toward a Vision for the Field

How do students learn the skills necessary to work with those who are different from themselves? How do they come to understand the global ramifications of local actions? How does higher education effectively educate students to be global citizens prepared to succeed in an increasingly globalized world? International volunteer service is an increasingly important approach for meeting these goals.

Faculty, administrators, students, and volunteer sending organizations convened at Washington University in St. Louis, March 30 to April 1, 2011, to discuss the status of international service in higher education and how to move the field forward. The symposium was sponsored by the Center for Social Development and the Gephardt Institute for Public Service at Washington University in St. Louis and DukeEngage of Duke University with the Brookings Institution, the Building Bridges Coalition, and ServiceWorld. More than 40 colleges and universities were represented as were more than 20 volunteer organizations.

Join a movement of global citizens working for a world where no one is left behind.