Laws and Policies Affecting Volunteerism Since 2001

This Research Report represents an attempt to synthesize lessons learned since the International Year of Volunteers (IYV) in 2001 in order to promote best practices and analyze obstacles and impediments that continue to block the development of volunteerism law and policy. It considers a host of cross-regional developments, including the adoption or amendment of laws and policies to support volunteerism; the creation of national volunteer centers, and the establishment of civil society / government / private sector partnerships. It also examines trends in seven regions of the world (Africa, the Arab States, Asia, the Commonwealth of Independent States / former Soviet Union, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, and the Pacific), and in-depth case studies in three countries from each of these seven regions. The report is intended to serve as a useful guide for governments, civil society activists, and other stakeholders considering the adoption of new laws and policies or the amendment of existing laws and policies in order to further support and promote volunteerism in their countries.

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