Innovations in international youth volunteering An analysis of 22 innovative youth volunteer programs from around the world

v is an independent charity championing youth volunteering in England. It was launched in May 2006, as a result of the Russell Commission report, with a remit to bring about a step change in the quantity, quality and diversity of youth volunteering. v seeks to inspire a million more young volunteers in England aged 16-25. It has at its heart a Youth Advisory Board, v20, and is led by the cares, interests, passions and beliefs of young people.

To achieve its mission, v recognises the importance of building on existing knowledge and sharing best practice. Hence, we commissioned ICP to conduct this research into innovative youth volunteering projects from around the world, seeking to learn from their most exciting and effective aspects.

The 22 case studies accompanying this report demonstrate that empowering young people – not just the usual suspects, but young people who are themselves marginalised and excluded – is the most important factor for innovation in youth volunteering. With the right support, young volunteers can achieve – and are achieving – real, lasting change within communities.

This is the second in a series of planned research reports, aimed at providing practitioners and policy makers with the information and insights they need to better engage young people in volunteering. Terry Ryall v Chief Executive.

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