Sign up to the Paris Accord

From 27th-30th October, the International Forum for Volunteering in Development held their annual conference (IVCO 2013) hosted by France Volontaires in Paris. The conference title was PEOPLE to PEOPLE: Volunteering as a catalyst for post-2015 development policy and practice.

Delegates gathered from all over the world developed The Paris Accord on Volunteering for Sustainable Development, which underlines the power of volunteering for creating healthy, vibrant societies and to the achievement of future sustainable development goals.

International Volunteer and Cooperation Organisations (IVCOs) and Volunteer involving organisations are invited to sign up to the document – we are working to gather as many signatories as possible by the year’s end. The document – along with the list of signatories – will be sent to central multilateral institutions. It will also be sent back to all the signatories so that they may use it in their information and advocacy work.

We are pleased to share with you the Paris Accord in English and French, and hope that your organisation would join the 50+ organisations who have already signed up. If so, please send a confirmation about this as soon as possible to Forum’s executive coordinator

(Please also specify the full/exact name of the organisation and main country of operation as it should appear on the list of signatories.)

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