Associate Members

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Center for Social Development (CSD)

Founded in 1994, the Center for Social Development’s (CSD) mission is to create and study innovations in public policy that enable individuals, families, and communities to formulate and achieve life goals, and contribute to the economy and society… read more


FUNDATED, is a non-governmental organisation whose reason for existence is essentially social; seeking care, rehabilitation, satisfaction and permanence of the development of the most vulnerable people, of the neediest populations in the country and the Latin American region, mandated Christian solidarity, promoting local participation and the use of equity in any process of change and development, based primarily on respect for the dignity and human rights… read more

Nepal Friendship Society (NFS)

The Nepal Friendship Society (NFS) aims to empower marginalized communities, children and youth through education, awareness-raising and enabling sustainable development in communities of Nepal… read more

Scope Global

Scope Global, formerly known as Austraining International, is an international project management company with a 24-year history of successfully managing projects in the international development and international education sectors, including overseas volunteering and incoming and outgoing scholarships… read more

Uganda National Volunteers Link (UNVL)

The Uganda National Volunteers Link (UNVL) is a Non Governmental Organisation formed by Returned Volunteers who have been working with Partner Organisations overseas under the auspices of Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO)… read more