ActionAid Denmark


ActionAid Denmark is part of ActionAid International - a global federation working for social justice and poverty eradication in more than 45 countries. ActionAid Denmark has a long history of promoting solidarity through people-to-people support and engagement. Via “People4Change”, it deploys national and international volunteers in ActionAid’s youth focused governance projects around the world. The overwhelming majority of international volunteers originate from the Global South. Through “Global Contact”, ActionAid Denmark facilitates income-generating work camps, volunteer stays and internships. ActionAid Denmark works primarily with young people, who receive training at Global Youth Training Hubs located across the federation. Through its national work, ActionAid Denmark promotes and supports volunteers to engage in a wide range of activities and campaigns, towards its central aims of greater global justice and prosperity. In 2018, ActionAid will be introducing online volunteering resources to support its large global federation.