IVCO 2015

Making it Happen: Volunteering for the SDGs - New Goals, Models and Tools

Jointly hosted by Forum and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), the annual conference for International Volunteering Cooperation Organisations (IVCO), was held in Tokyo from 4-7 October 2015. The conference was an excellent opportunity for heads of volunteer organisations and delegates from public, private, academic and NGO sectors around the world to network, discuss pertinent issues in volunteering, share innovative approaches, and build strong alliances.

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Presentations & Papers

Day 1: SWVR Launch and Welcome Reception

UNV “State of the World’s Volunteerism Report” Launch

Day 2: Volunteering Beyond 2015

Keynote Speech: JOCV at 50 - Lessons for Volunteering and the SDGs

Plenary Presentation: Implications of the SDGs on IVCOs

Emerging trends of international volunteering: Togo National Volunteering Program

Global indicators to measure volunteer impact

IVCO 2015 Tokyo Declaration Draft

Day 3: For Greater Impact: New Actors, Approaches and Partnerships

International Volunteering and Development: Korean Experience of World Friends Korea (WFK)

Capturing the ASEAN Spirit Youth Leading the Way

New volunteer initiatives generated by the civil society in Germany

UNITERRA 2015-2020

Working as a Consortia: A Conversation about Collaboration or Competition?


Volunteer Service Abroad

Volunteer Youth from Indigenous Minorities: Engines for Inclusive Development and Enterprise in Laos

Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers: Its Genesis and Development from a Comparative Perspective

What Motivates Japan’s International Volunteers?: Categorizing Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers (JOCVs)

The Fundamental Work Competencies Among Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers (JOCVs) and their Roles in Volunteer Activities

Program-based Result Management and the Role of Volunteer Coordinators and Country Offices

Communicating Impact: The Narrative Project

Global Research Agenda on Volunteering for Peace and Sustainable Development 2015-2025

Effective Practices for International Volunteering

Day 4: Improving our Practice for Sustainable Action

Digital Disruption: Implications for IVCOs

Failing Forward

Safety and Security

Volunteer Safety and Security

Safety, Security and Well-being

Fostering Young Australian Returned Volunteers to be Agents of Change, Innovation and Development

A Call to Peace: Perspectives of Volunteers on the Peace Corps at 50

Bringing it home: Returning Volunteers to a lifetime of service and impact

Returned Volunteer Organization “JOCA” for Japan’s Positive Change