IVCO 2009

IVCO 2009 ReportThe IVCO 2009 conference was held in Budapest, Hungary, from 18th-21st October 2009. It was organised by HVSF and the theme was “Volunteers as catalysts for social engagement“.

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Presentations & Papers

Day 1

Returned Volunteers Mentoring National Volunteers

Outplaying Differences

Returned Volunteers in Japan

Gender and Volunteerism Research Presentation: UN Comissioned Study

Global perspective – Coming Soon!

Global Poverty Project Presentation – Coming Soon!

Day 2

Initiative of Korea for Volunteering: World Friends Korea - More Volunteers, Better Volunteering

A Coordinated Approach To Volunteering And Social Change

A New Challenge for AFVP: Adapt quantitative and qualitative capacity of the French organisations of sending to the increasing enthusiasm of the French people for international volunteering

Human Rights and Peace Work

Impact of International Volunteering: Center for Social Development

Forum Discussion Paper 2009: Volunteers: Catalysts for Social Engagement

Day 3